Wanda Jackson - Queen of Rockabilly (2000)

A greatest hits collection from the 'nice lady with the nasty voice'.

Her music is the epitome of rockabilly, meaning lots of twangy, reverb-heavy guitar, solid bass and some serious shuffles on the drums. What I love most about this collection, though, are her two complete departures from this - "Funnel of Love" and Sticks and Stones" each channel something very different - which are worth downloading the whole album for.

And fuck, her voice. Girtty and sexy as shit. (Particularly on those two tracks.)

Rock and roll.

(And my apologies for the shitty bit-rate. I used to think the poor quality kind of lent itself to her music, but... if you disagree, you can find alot of these tunes on iTunes for cheap.)

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    so good

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