Vincent Gallo - When (2001)

yep, Vincent Gallo the actor. surprise, this album is really quite good - quiet and gentle and folksie, but not in the Sufjan Stevens garbage sort of way. every track is an unobtrusive slow jam, even the vaguely trip-hoppy interludes. it's moody and sexy and seductive, perfect for curling up with on a blustery fall evening.

Gallo man-seed sold separately

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  1. Leopold says:

    Did you just call Sufjan garbage?? Ironic considering how 'garbage' this blog has become recently. You used to be the best, what happened?

  2. Telmo says:

    Fuckin' ditto! Seriously, what's up with you guys?

  3. Anonymous says:

    take Sufjans dick out your mouth.

  4. Telmo says:

    lol, you're awesome

  5. calling sufjan garbage in respect to this faggotry is laughable. dude can barely play an instrument, and his "singing" makes everything worse.

  6. Michael says:

    I tend to think Sufjan is pretty dull but his new album is the bomb.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Vincent Gallo is a total fucking douchehat in person

  8. Moshi says:

    Well this was awfully pedestrian.

  9. Dead Dog says:

    so you hate vincent gallo cuz hes an arrogant prick... how mundane and predictable. who cares? what does that have to do with the music he makes, which happens to be light years better than sufjan stevens.. good god. how fucking boring can pop music be. no no, i know, im wrong, cuz everybody loves sufjan stevens.... but if you listen closely, you'll see that i'm right, and everyone else is wrong. except "we fucking love music".... who are also right. thanks for posting this record so hopefully some people who havent had the chance to listen will enjoy it as much as I do!

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