CLOUDKICKER interview this Saturday

Hello all you people that also fucking love music! I've got a very special announcement for all of you who enjoyed my post about Cloudkicker last week. I will be interviewing Ben Sharp (the dude with a day job that makes all of that wonderful music) this Saturday on my radio show. Ben will be joining me in the studio to chat about the new album, what the internet means for music, his wide variety of influences (he'll be choosing songs to play), and more.

The interview will be taking place Saturday evening at 9:30pm EST. I will be posting the streaming link in an IRC chatroom, where you can also ask questions and either have them answered on air or in the chatroom (where I will be serving as the middleman).

Instructions for the chatoom:
1) Go to Mibbit
2) Click server, and in the dialogue box, type
3) Nick is whatever you want your name to be. Channel is cloudkicker.

That's it! I'll be idling in the channel under the name Alex_wflm from now until the interview ends tomorrow night. See you there!

7 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    holy shit nice

    you should just get an IRC thing

  2. Alex says:

    I figured that tinychat or something would be the easiest option, since most people don't use IRC. Unless there's a way to make a quick, disposable channel.

  3. GlxyDs says:

    I can't get it to work... ]=

  4. Alex says:

    No worries, I'll be posting a downloadable recording of the evening within the next few days or so. Aside from a few technical difficulties (me being dumb and fumbling with Ben's iPod Touch), we had an extremely fun and interesting chat.

  5. still no download!? :[

  6. Anonymous says:

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