They Mean Us - For the Stereo Impaired (2010)

A south Texas treasure, They Mean Us create memorably melodic jams that simultaneously flow beautifully and still maintain intricacy, kinetic power, and percussive dazzle. Their use of cello and keyboards expand the aural pleasure thricefoldishly, and this new effort is just as good as their first record. Very recommended stuff.


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  1. Unknown says:

    Thank God you leave some feedback/opinion on the artists and the music you post. It makes it a hundred times easier to know in advance what certain artists are gonna sound like. I hate it when blogs post up a ton of artists on their pages and don't include any comments/opinions (or even myspace links) related to the artists' work. So, good job out here!

  2. jc says:


  3. What Hello-Man said..

    Although loads of blogs put out small descriptions, I always find you guys' to be quite exact. Despite the briefness and babble.


  4. Anonymous says:

    there's something almost dream-like about this album. i give it an A!

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