Video Highlight + Q&A: Tzvika Force (2013)

Photo Courtesy of Alexander Kinik
This video was sent to us cordially by Tzvika Force, an Israelite singer-songwriter/musician who makes an impressive mix of powerful, soulful vocals, and unique and articulate instrumentation. We did a Q&A with him about the following video, which includes various playful and interesting imagery:

How did this video come about, and how difficult was it to put it together?
On the day we shot the video everything worked like a charm. We arrived on set and things just started to happen on their own. Everything synced and matched - the haunted studio that was once a factory of large iron drain covers in the old part of Tel Aviv, the broken, dusty piano, Joy, the Indian, who got into character perfectly and of course the song which was playing in the background throughout the day and inspired us. Also, we had a lot of fun working with the guys of Video De Lux, who directed and edited the video. These days, artists usually take care of everything and need to keep it all under control, but on our shooting day I just arrived on set, shot my part, had a really good time and went home. It was quite a refreshing change. The crew also really loved and connected to the song – which, they say, doesn't happen to them very often, so I guess that's probably why the video came out so authentic.

There seems to be a bustling music scene blossoming out of Israel when it comes to modern acts, and your music stands out in terms of both your voice, and how unique the music is, how do you feel about your place within this scene?
That's true, and the competition is tough but I'm really glad I have my ways to standout and be unique. I think that's all one really needs in any artistic field. Nowadays, when there are so many ways to get your music out there and with the variety of so many wonderful musicians around, you need to leave your identifying mark so the listeners can immediately recognize you and your work. Despite today's blossoming scene, there's still a strong sense that many people here are "afraid" or not yet ready to be exposed to different, less conventional things and prefer what's simple and familiar. But still, there's definitely a positive development compared to earlier years. You can hear it on the radio, on television and feel it in the audience's reaction, it's spreading and it's totally great. I hope to have an impact on this process by exposing more and more people here to new music and new musical styles.

The music seems to combine both a) strong, wonderful vocals and b) unique, and interesting instrumentation; did this decision come about consciously, or was it pure coincidence?
I've always wanted to excite and fascinate the audience so I guess this is a choice my subconscious made and I kept over the years. I always think about what would excite me and what I would like to listen to and I follow these thoughts, I act and write upon them. I also listen to a lot of new music and I'm very influenced by what's happening worldwide, especially technology wise. I guess the fact that I'm a guy who loves drama and theatricality is reflected in my music and my musical choices, but so many things also just happen by coincidence, like my connection with Ben Specter – the EP's musical producer, my work with the band and just random things that happen in my life which expose me to new musical directions. The music keeps bursting into my life by surprise. All the sudden I get this intense, uncontrollable need to write a specific song or compose a specific tune. It still manages to amaze me every time. This need I have to share things with the listener and the audience always fascinated me and it's there every step of the way.


Later on, we will do a review of his upcoming EP, Petite Nature, which is fantastic enough.

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