A Tribe Called Red - A Tribe Called Red [2012]

This has been on repeat in my room for the past couple of days. A group of Canadian natives (from Ottawa, I believe...next time I'm up that way I will absolutely check them out...) have combined traditional first-peoples music with modern dubstep//EDM. This combination works really well--wobbly basses reflect the loose intonation of the vocals, and the heavy drum machines pound relentlessly, reminiscent of the tribal drumming. Anyway, here's a free download from their site. Play loudly with subz. Electric Pow Wow.
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RIP Lil Wayne


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  1. I was really excited for this, and it's kindof cool, but frankly a little disappointing. i wish the vocals were featured more than the sub-par electro... It's like they're using the tribal samples to hook you into their poorly composed dance music

  2. so I'm feeling like my comment was pretty negative considering the one right after mine. So I thought i'd suggest some suggestions.

    I know you guys have posted Oizo before and he has a new EP out "Stade 3" it is crazy. He has it for free on his website www.oizo3000.com . If you like electro.

    There's also a new Totems remix EP. http://totems.bandcamp.com/album/rmx

    1 more before I go, the newest Robert Glasper Experiment release "Black Radio" is monstrous, increidble live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKlcyeWmSTc

    Sorry if my suggestions are lame or old or whatever, I'm just attempting to give back to a blog that has given me a lot of great music/big ups!

  3. Lana says:

    Will you're inside my head... I was legit actually JUST posting this.

    This is happening Thursday: http://www.facebook.com/events/271801062912178/

  4. Will says:

    To previous commenters: Haters gon' hate. While musical taste is entirely subjective, lemme defend the choice. I found that the wobbly, glissando bass worked in interestingly complementary ways with the vocals. Similarly, the drum machines complemented the drumming. I feel like while the vocals aren't necessarily the forefront of the tracks, the structural, rhythmic and tonal elements of the more traditional first-peoples music is maintained.
    But, like what you like. Do yo thang.

    Andy Halstead: Opinions are great! Keep them coming! Any interest in being a regular poster on the blog?
    I loved that Robert Glasper release as well. Though about posting it, but I've been stearing clear of new, major label, albums lately. Check out his back catalogue, if you haven't already.

    Lana: hahahaha. shit's fucking great. I need to spend more time in toronto real fucking soon. rage hard for me, plz. And punch out the inevitable clueless chicks in faux-native headdresses.

  5. dbit says:

    how can i send you guys a message im eager to show you something?

  6. Will says:

    dbit: here's a good place for me, unless y're looking for more private communication.

  7. first track is pretty sick.

  8. dbit says:

    will: if you into it-

    well strange recording process...

  9. Lana says:

    For you dumb dumbs who thought this was no good, it was just long listed for our country's most awesome music prize: http://www.polarismusicprize.ca/2012/

    suck on that dick!

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