Made Of Wood - The Chill/Funk Trip (2012)

some of you might have seen this before. it's an album by a conservatory graduate (dan) that covers a wide range of genres, though predominantly funk. i will attest to the fact that i had no idea what to expect when i first received my cd, the cover honestly did not look very appealing and seemed as something thrown together at the last second due to the fact that it would hint at some sort of "trip" experience that one would proceed to have as they listened to it. but you know what? this album is a trip. completely instrumental (yum) and covering some of the best elements of funk, acid jazz, and even classical era-esque string sections, this album is pure bliss. though not as ambitious as you'd expect something like this to be, i'll definitely be keeping an eye on made of wood.

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  1. Will says:

    This is indeed chill and funk.
    Fun listen.

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