Top TH / R / EE of 2018

almost february, so a bit late. but here are what I consider the top three albums of 2018, for various reasons. i'll make a mix soon. got a problem? post here. in alphabetical order:

"indie pop" (fuck these terms are archaic by now) duo from athens, ga (birthplace of modenr indie aka elephant 6)making amazing, ridiculously talented emotive music. seriously, forget soulvsnosoul memes.
Low - Double Negative
what can i say? i love distorted singing shit. this music is truly in a class of its own and spares nothing in communicating what it needs to.
Wild Moccasins - Look Together
artistic truth is hard to come by, simply due to how difficult it is to reach that particular personal zenith that allows the artist to speak directly from wherever their art emanates to the final work. "look together" by long time houston band wild moccasins does just that and doesn't care what you think, it just speaks

follow the links to get them and shit.

hope to 2019 being good too.

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