WFLM in 2017

as many of you know, wflm has been more or less on hiatus since 2015. no posts at all in 2016, and to date a single post in 2017. i am making this post as this blog is almost a decade old, and for those of you who are long-time readers, it means quite a bit as it was/is a staple of the blogger music sphere

so where is wflm now?

most of the original contributors, if not all, are gone. after a minor change of template in 2015, the blog did not have any posts. i don't know why that is. however, we still have some contributors, including the ones that conduct/conducted interviews in the past. that was a target for WFLM, and it brings us to where the site is now.

WFLM was started in 2008 by jc, who shall remain anonymous more or less. back then, the internet was more or less in a teenage state; blogging was new and exiting, and many many great blogs (from when it was blogspot) came and went. now, most are gone. WFLM stood still to remain as a force and reminder of those times. the blog was then bequeathed to one of the writers here, who now runs it - dantelop. since then, in 2012 there was a major attempt to revitalize the blog, and for the most part it worked; however the internet had long since changed, and the way that WFLM worked came to a halt as sites like rapidshare began cracking down on blogs such as this one.. but then life got in the way. now, the contributors left are in a good place again and want to take one more shot at this blog.

 where we go from here

WFLM is now at a spot where it can either leave the blogger up, remain semi-active (with a trickle of max 3 albums posted), and some interviews/spotlights, or go full music zine in a revitalization act with a domain, writers, and much more focused interviews/spotlights. these are not mutually exclusive - WFLM at the blogger location (i.e. this one) will forever remain up as a reminder and sometimes active piece from the past. however, as previously mentioned, we'd like WFLM to go on in another, more engaging and artist-centric way. similar to the 2012 "reboot", we'd like to have interviews, and to share light on new and emerging artists. putting together playlists, collaborating with concert makers and festivals etc etc.

that in and of itself is an incredibly big challenge, but it can be done. however, we need the input and help of readers in the form of feedback and a possible donation run. WFLM has not made one cent since its inception - in fact it has made a lot of artists a lot of money from exposure. whether or not this was an initial goal by jc is not known - but dantelop made that the purpose of the blog in the reboot. so with that in mind, we would not want obscene donations - in fact all we ask from readers, if they do indeed want to see WFLM move onto a bigger platform, is to help for very simple maintenance costs (strictly for the website) so that it may continue in the future and keep shedding light on artists who do not make it to the bigger sites.

we have never run ads, and have never played favoritism. albums and music were chosen by writers due to their taste, and interviews/spotlights we have done in the past are/were completely free of charge to the artists. and that will continue to be the case. however, here is the point to all this - this will only work if people still read and want WFLM to live

so our first step is this post, and a poll which is below. vote on it and let us know what you'd like to see happen to WFLM, as it is, now and forever, for the readers and listeners. 

 thanks for all the years and the memories so far,

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  1. Unknown says:

    Doowhatchalike, but the tone of music journalism as holy crusade that was prevalent in the past no longer works--it's not as easy to believe such things are "important" now, if they ever were. As you note, all it does is help other people make money, and it's not like they are even thankful for it. So I'd suggest proceeding with that firmly in mind, if you bother at all.

  2. Unknown says:
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  3. King Lear says:

    Its good to see this website alive agin <3

  4. partario says:
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