VIRE - Human Contact EP (2015)

The most catchy and accessible tunes to come out of the dark, industrial genre in a while. This amazing one-man-band literally built his own electronic drum kit, by repurposing and remixing an existing acoustic kit, and refitting it with trigger pads, sample units, and whole set of real, acoustic cymbals for extra bite. What results is a project that sounds amazing, but is also killer fun to watch - his kit outfitted with lights, his stage soaked in projected visuals, with both the former and the latter responding to every glitch, twitch, thump and bang of his songs.

All these songs are fantastic, but "Control You" is particularly catchy: the intro's wavering, pitchy bass, paired with distorted bleeps and blips, will suck you in right before he drops the drums in a big way. These feel like theme songs for busted robots - or, as we become increasingly attached to our devices, maybe they're songs for our own broken, bionic selves. Listen below, or pick it up here.

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