Slowreader - Slowreader (2002)

The first things I loved about Slowreader were the fantastic vocal melodies and their rhythmic sensibilities, the kind that make you move your head even in spots when there is no percussion, but as their lyrics became clearer with more listens, the more I realized these guys had a rare ability to perfectly mix bittersweet pain and regret, slyly dry humor and self-deprecation, and subtle turns of phrasing with their unique blend of mostly acoustic jams, ethereal keyboard pieces, bare bones songs, and melodic pop compositions.  That is the roundabout way of saying this is strong songwriting all around, and, although it's their only release, an album that endures as a result.

Drink this in.

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  2. These guys were in a 90's ska/punk band the Impossibles. They were the "weezer of 3rd wave ska". Not sure where that sits with you, but they are very talented.

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