By the End of Tonight - Live at Fitzgerald's on Halloween (2014)

On the night of Halloween, in the year of our lord 2014, the always amazing, yet sadly defunct, By the End of Tonight saw fit to reunite and grace the world with one more frenetic, powerful, and ultimately pants-moistening live performance in the town of Houston, TX.  It was a sight to behold, pure fun and emotion on so many levels, and, if the fates be truly cruel (and the band's words believed), a beautiful final send-off to their illustrious career.  As one privileged to witness it, here I humbly offer the sounds we heard that night that I was able to capture.  This is indeed the full show, with quality audio and labeled tracks, but of course: any recording is but a shadow of a majestic performance in the flesh.  Thank you for all the memories, BtEoT.  Love you guys.

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