Ivan Wyschnegradsky - Etude Sur Les Mouvements Rotatoires, 24 Préludes (2002)

Wyschnegradsky was one of the more revolutionary microtonal composers of his time. Instead of using the "other" 12 notes in the 24 tone scale as some sort of embellishment, he built his compositions by integrating the entirety of the scale into the very framework of his music. The result is a truly striking and memorable journey into the hyperchromatic, a collection of desolate and emotionally charged vignettes for those lil' baby intervals.

It's solo piano btw

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    This will likely be buried under the spambots, but any chance you could re-upload this on a different service? Mega or Zippyshare for instance? Dropcanvas is dead and I'd love to hear this record in full.

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    If you can reupload this, it would be great.

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