Ben Vida - Esstends - Esstends - Esstends (2012)

Exploration of timbres in music has been prevalent in experimental music throughout history, but with the advent of computers, the exploratory gear gained unimaginable possibilities. Any sound could be recorded and screwed around with to pieces, and digital synthesizers (and analog, for that matter) could be tweaked and tuned to anyone's most perverted desire. Ben Vida, a resident of the excellent PAN label, takes these concepts to heart with his most recent outing. Sampled and destroyed sounds are programmed to maximum psychedelic potency, and synths are used to a high potential. On the droning "zizzlerz," many different pitches shift slowly to form new chords and harmonies, pulling you along their slow journey to new contrasts and consonances. Other times, tones grow from earth shaking (and barely audible) rumbles to piercing, airy highs, surrounded by and included within original and unique composition and production. Super recommendation coming through.

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