Parallels - Visionaries (2010)

parallels is a band started by the former crystal castles touring drummer along with some other dude and a girl. they've been around since late 2008 (i think) and built quite a buzz back then and suddenly it got really quiet. or maybe i just stopped reading anything mentioning them? good thing is they finally released an album and it's pretty awesome. could've been better considering a lot of the songs in this i've known for quite a while now but it's still pretty kick-ass and amazing for anyone just getting the chance to know them. what is this? just some chill synth-pop with a hardcore 80s and retro-futuristic vibe. it also reminds me of early madonna at times. GET IT NOW BROS AND FEMBROS!

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  1. Joe says:

    good stuff, "dry blood" is a super jam

    thank you, and please post more electro!!

  2. ive been listening to this for the past 2 weeks..thanks <3

  3. Junkoid says:

    fascinating & trippy!
    thanx a lot!

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