Kania Tieffer - Eastern World EP (2006)

there is proper album art to this but i couldn't find a decent size. kania tieffer is a girl who makes electro-experimental music. this is what she says about this album: “The Eastern World EP is a bunch of very short songs made with my mind in the Eastern Europe and love for the dance floor. When you listen to the lyrics spelled with a fake french accent, you can notice that it’s all about teenage abandonism like some songs of death metal you all know, despite the happy stupid music structure. You must be careful not to commit suicide after you listen it for the 3rd time, because the 3rd time is often the last."

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  1. nick says:

    i wish that was actually the art

  2. [E] says:

    hey, i love your blog. http://www.mediafire.com/?4mkazfzygwm

  3. And in under one hundred words, Kania Tieffer manages to present a brilliant argument against listening to this album.

  4. wow, she is so fucking cute. DAT SKIN TONE

  5. Unknown says:

    she posts on her own last.fm page and scrobbles her tracks

    cool chick

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