Liars - Sisterworld (2010)

new liars. it's great. get it, etc. NOW. liars is playing mtymx, a 3 days festival in monterrey (a city south of austin) with a crrrrrazy line-up and i'm going to be there. if anyone else is going and feels like having a beer with me while watching some bands e-mail me, i'm down. also mexico city bros there's a bus going from mexico city to mty for $600 and there are some seats still available. e-mail for more info about it. sorry everyone who doesn't give a fuck about this.

PS. the album really is great.

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  1. Moshi says:

    600$ for a bus ticket, sounds rather steep.

  2. jc says:

    600 pesos, that's like 45 dollars for a round trip. it's pretty cheap.

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