A Tribe Called Red - A Tribe Called Red [2012]

This has been on repeat in my room for the past couple of days. A group of Canadian natives (from Ottawa, I believe...next time I'm up that way I will absolutely check them out...) have combined traditional first-peoples music with modern dubstep//EDM. This combination works really well--wobbly basses reflect the loose intonation of the vocals, and the heavy drum machines pound relentlessly, reminiscent of the tribal drumming. Anyway, here's a free download from their site. Play loudly with subz. Electric Pow Wow.
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RIP Lil Wayne

Q&A With Perry Porter

(that's him. right there. on the left. the very left. he is not white. on the left.)

So we had a little Q&A with Perry who is, surprisingly, as relaxed as he sounds on tape.
Here is the full, unedited Q&A:

1.First off, tells us a bit about yourself and your musical beginnings.

I’m actually pretty shy, lol. Listening to my music or watching video you wouldn’t think so, but I’m shy as fxxxcckkkk, hahaha. I even get nervous when ppl ask me to rap for them on spot, lol, like you really want me to? word? *Turns purple LOL. I started rapping around the age of 16, even though I wanted to be a Hot Boy when I was 12, hahahaha!! I’ve always been around music, man. My father was deejay while my older brother still raps to this day. Things like that made rapping look cool as shxt. I wanted to be them as a kid; I was just too shy to do it. And, my mother tried her hardest to shelter me when it came to hip hop, she hated it, lol. That keep things under wraps until I met a local by the name of Stymie, and he got everything rolling for me.

2. How did this particular album come to be? What were your ideas behind it?

It was something I always wanted to do, just didn’t have the skill and mindset for it, lol. Paper Moon is more for my 18year old self and the way I view life back then. The ideas and the way I went about it was supposed to sound like an 18year old me. I wanted this to be my “Immature album” the album I always wanted to make, but didn’t. I’m kinda letting the fans play caught up with my life, lol. You know? G shxt.

3. The sample selection is great, what do you have to say on the overall production of the album?

ICBM is the equitant of Rick James and the beats are like…. That white couch. That fool… just… double penetrated the beats, hahaha!!

4. What's the main message you are trying to get across with Paper Moon?

It’s the introduction to me, the start of it all. I wanted to introduce the fxck up, who contradicts himself time and time again, but really wants to make a change in this world somehow and someway.

5. How often do you and your crew work together?

Man, I see CARLisDEAD three to four times a year, haha. But, we’re always working on music via emails, txt and fb. We got a few albums in the works right now. We’re just waiting for the right time to release them.

6. How do you feel you guys stand in the game, or if you even care about that at all?

I really don’t know. Between the two of us, and handful of in-house producers, we have a lot of style and sounds. Trying to find where we stand gets complicated, so we just tend to just do us, which doesn’t go in our favor most of the time, hahaha.

"That fool… just… double penetrated the beats, hahaha!!". Yeah.

Perry Porter & ICBM - Paper Moon (2012)

so we have another "pay what you want" album. and a hip-hop one at that, so i'm glad to say that i was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a full-fledged album - clearly not a mixtape. and what's even more interesting here, is the fact that perry porter seems to have captured the sound of the mainstream party-anthems with his delivery, despite not really having a strong position in the mainstream (though it's not a big deal).

we start the album with what seems to be, at first, an aggressive track that is somewhat unapproachable. really, this track is their sort of opening anthem, and it doesn't fail at that. and with this we also learn another thing - their sample selection is fantastic. french producer ICBM clearly aimed for a specific sound on this. we move on to tracks 2 and three, which combined make one very pleasing atmosphere, and show an almost jay-zian attitude to MCing. and immediately with track 4, one can see what type of music they are trying to invigorate here. aptly named, "luci(d) dreams" paints a picture to accompany the title with an array of reeverb laden keys and soft crash cymbals shrouded in more reeverb.

the production is a highpoint of its own, but also a trough. sometimes the compression breaks through the vocals and distracts, and sometimes it's just back enough to feel underwhelming; but beyond that, it's pleasing enough.

it's not hard to see what they are trying to see here - it's a party album - but in multiple senses - i.e. it never falls short of "clever", and it never crosses the line into "dumb". simple, naive, but fun ambitions are laid out like grocery lists while 90s happyRNB harmonies take over. it digs into the mentality of a younger mind (as intended) and how easy it is to just fucking chill out. obviously, not seriously. oh but they totally mean it. if it's what you are looking for, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a good and articulate alternative to other party songs. otherwise, it's still a good listen.

DJ Frane - Journey to the Planet of the Birds [2008]

DJ Frane - Journey to the Planet of the Birds [2008]

Hey y'all, it's been a while.
Working hard as fuck on this thesis. Almost done. Phew.

Anyways, dantelope's most recent post inspired me to get this classic up here.
DJ Frane's a mysterious stoned (mysteriously stoned?) figure who makes some of the best beats this side of DJ Shadow. Rich with detail and sample heavy, this album has a narrative arc to it that'll keep it spinning on your record player (figurtively, since you we don't have mediafire links for 3D printer designs of vinyl--can someone do that, please?) until the end.

If you love this (and I imagine y'all'll love this), check out his other two albums, which are each at least as good.

And then, keep your collective fingers crossed for a fourth.
[not my link, holla back if there's problems]

Also, someone wanna point me towards some choice writing music? I've been on a minimal-tech/90s drum 'n' bass/50s exotica lounge kick lately (not all at once, unfortunitely), and need something new. Lay your opinionated wisdom on me, dear listeners.

Made Of Wood - The Chill/Funk Trip (2012)

some of you might have seen this before. it's an album by a conservatory graduate (dan) that covers a wide range of genres, though predominantly funk. i will attest to the fact that i had no idea what to expect when i first received my cd, the cover honestly did not look very appealing and seemed as something thrown together at the last second due to the fact that it would hint at some sort of "trip" experience that one would proceed to have as they listened to it. but you know what? this album is a trip. completely instrumental (yum) and covering some of the best elements of funk, acid jazz, and even classical era-esque string sections, this album is pure bliss. though not as ambitious as you'd expect something like this to be, i'll definitely be keeping an eye on made of wood.