Laurel Halo - King Felix EP (2010)

i first listened to this grrrl on that comp tri angle records released with witchy acts covering lindsay lohan songs and her track was the best on it. googling took me to her website and i found this free EP on it. music ain't witch house nor drag or whatever you wanna call it but if you like that you'll like this. this is lo-fi electronic pop and it's pretty good. recommended if you like sleep over, passions, telepathe and com truise.

PS. now that i mentioned passions, i'll let whoever can link me to their CDR join and post on the blog. word.

New Vinyl Megapost

I just got a bunch of new vinyl in the mail, I figured I'd share with you guys.

Melvins & Isis-Split
(Link removed-so now you'll never know what this sounds like since the record is sold out )

Lustmord/Justin K. Broadrick-Transmuted EP

Tame Impala-Solitude is Bliss EP

Tortoise-Why Waste Time? EP

Zola Jesus/Burial Hex-Split EP

Alfred Schnittke - Concerto Grosso No. 1 (1977)/Piano & Strings (1979)

while other composers in the 70s were doing minimalist downtown stuff or clinging to the corpse of serialism, Schnittke was busy mashing together entire genres to create face-stabbingly violent modern compositions. the concerto grosso no. 1 filters baroque music thru his warped lens and out come tone clusters and... tango. i recommend starting from the top, but if you want just a taste, check out the 5th mov't first and see if it grabs you.

and the 2nd included piece is tits, too.

full disclosure: i am a Schnittke fanboy

Various Artists - Dark As Night (2010)

[you hip piece of shit...]

This is the 2nd edition of the Dark As Night comp, limited to 160 copies. Eight tracks, four witches: oOoOO, S U R V I V E, SLEEP ∞ OVER, and TERMINAL TWILIGHT.

The NFO has this to say.

Black melodies are smothered, resuscitated and then
swallowed whole. Completely cavernous and blank. Electronic pulses melt into
puddles of nothingness. If music is meant to be a joyous noise, then this is our

Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves (1999)

#1 on the short list of hip-hop concept albums, this Prince Paul gem tells the fictional story of Tariq (played by Breeze from the Juggaknots), an up and coming emcee who turns to hustling to finance his demo for the Wu. the beats are top notch Prince Paul shit, and the songs feature all-star guests like Big Sha, Kool Keith, Kane, Markie, De La, Sadat X, Xzibit, Chris Rock, etc. if you like hip-hop, there's no way you won't like this disc.


Rolo Tomassi - Hysterics (2008)

Synth driven x-core groups usually piss me off. Groups like Attack Attack, iwrestledabearonce, Horse The Band, etc with more mallcore influence than anything else. Imagine, An Albatross with a female vocalist, and a little more class. Rolo Tomassi blurs the line between spaz and grind very well, while frequenting between electro-jazz-gaze, and chaotic hardcore. Hysterics isn't an album most could pick up and enjoy right off the bat, but after a few listens it grows on you (if you're into that crap).

Thanks, for those of you who stuck with us through that 3 day shit fest. Who else subscribed to sunshineweeaboo's blog?

An Apology

An Apology
we know the blog has been fucked up lately, and we're doing all we can to fix it. when new bloggers join there is always a period of adjustment, but this time it went too far. jello has been removed from the blog and we have sorted out the issue of there being too many albums posted. posters will be picked with more care next time, and 4fags won't be allowed. jc is on vacation right now so i can't speak of any further actions, but there are obviously still problems with trolls, which we can hopefully fix without resorting to comment moderation. i want to apologise on behalf of myself, jc and wflm as a whole and i hope you stick with us while we sort shit out-we should get back to posting albums basically right now. peace and love.

François Virot - Yes Or No (2008)

I'm kinda pissed I didn't discover this music until just now. François Virot plays a type of folk music laden with warm acoustic melodies, handclaps, and the amenable voice of François when he sings his simple but nonetheless substantial lyrics. This is a really nice album to have, and I recommend getting it. Enjoy.

the date (2008) is missing from the tags, sorry about that. other than that the tags are fine.

Download & Comment

Constrobuz - Bleep Blorp Remixes (2010)

Constrobuz - Bleep Blorp Remixes (2010)

Now who ever said hip-hop had no substance? Constrobuz is a good samaritan in disguise and I'll tell you why. Let me name off a few mainstream hip hop tracks and please, stop reading when you see one you recognize: Hustlin', Stoopid, Do The Ricky Bobby, Ay Bay Bay, Stanky Legg, Pop Bottles and Lean Wit It Rock Wit It.

You should have stopped reading after the second one. If you've never heard of these tracks (which I find hard to believe), I envy you... Anyway, the names are pretty ridiculous, contsrobuz means nothing and the lyrics are nonsensical. But you have to remember, constrobuz didn't write the lyrics, he just amplified the ridiculousness of these tracks by providing some of the dopest instrumentals this side of Raleigh. NC.

Jordan Castro And David D'Amato - Anti-American (2010)

sad acoustic music by jordan castro, i think david d'amato engineered or something i'm not quite sure. i really like it, mainly the first and last songs. if you want to listen to something that's not shitty you can get this.

p.s. can all you new posters chill out a bit. i know it's exciting to be part of wflm but we really don't need 20 posts a day of shit. thankyou, sorry if i offended you.

Reso Tribute (2008-2009)

Reso Tribute (2008-2009)

I 100% agree that there aren't enough dirty wobbles on this blog, but dubstep is such a terribly over saturated genre, it's harder than you think to pick out the good from the bad. Also, most GOOD dub comes on a 7" vinyl or split with another artist, and I'm not one to post singles on here (well...).
I've decided to start showcasing dubstep artists by posting a link to a compilation of 15-20 of their best tracks, unless it's still cool to hate wobwob.

A versatile producer and gifted DJ, Reso is a rising star, gaining worldwide notoriety for his technoid inspired productions which often transcends the dubstep tag that many have easily slotted him into. From the chugging metal guitars of Metal Slug, via the pulsating techno echoes of Identity, and into the bowels of the haunting, filtered sub bass workout of Holograms, Reso’s aural identity is a densely layered, high octane tapestry, rich with musical texture and colour, which really sets him apart from the minimal sparseness of many of his fellow producers.
Heavy Arms EP
Tags and Throw Ups Vol 5.
Temjin EP

Pokemon Red/Blue Sound Files anyone?

Samiyam - Rap beats Vol. 1 (2008)

Samiyam - Rap beats Vol. 1 (2008)

This was originally released on CDr. Samiyam would burn copies and then take individual orders from the internet. For covers, he would rip pages from various magazines and then write/doodle on them. Flying Lotus thought it was so good he inducted Samiyam as part of the Brainfeeder imprint. This became the first official Brainfeeder release.

Samiyam opts for brief but magical sketches seemingly following some kind of stream-of-consciousness production method meaning that once each idea has run just over its allotted 90 second lifespan, it's time to move on to the next.

Samiyam & Ras G - All City LA#3 (2010)

Samiyam & Ras G - All City LA#3 (2010)

Third installment of the LA Series drops from All City record label featuring Samiyam and Ras G, two of the most forward-thinking beat heads out there today. The premise is pretty simple: one EP, two artists, dope beats!

"Samiyam gives three subdued, melancholy and heavy as fuck offerings, from the slow tidal lilt of 'Fishsticks' to the barely-bothered 8-bit melody of 'Space'. Very good indeed. Ras G createsg a grainy beat crumble of earthy, organic goodness in the vein of Dilla or Madlib. 'Breakfast Blunts' is the best, giving a headful of slow psychoactivating synthlines and puffy, red eyed beats, while 'Ourtrill' leans back and surveys crushed drum loops from a sunny stoop."

Lorn - Nothing Else (2010)

Lorn - Nothing Else (2010)

"Whoa, slow down Ghandi you're killin' em... hailing outta Illinois (the only Brainfeeder artist to have never stepped foot in Lost Angeles) and quoting Satan on most of his press releases Lorn doesn't muck about. Having been described as epic and melancholic I think the real descriptive that hits the spot is uncompromisinly brutal. This is end of the world bizzness and hip-hops equivilent to The Bug - sooo good and set to wreck ear drums world wide."

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2005)


CYHSY are a funny group. They have a lot of pop aesthetics, but they primarily play indie rock, with a noticable shoegaze factor and apparent lo-fi production. The vocals are...well, off key, tuneless, cracky, yelpy, and fit perfectly.

noobies; we don't want to read essays.

Richard Wagner - Tristan und Isolde (1953)

"So there I sat in the topmost gallery of the Berlin Opera House, and from the first sound of the cellos my heart contracted spasmodically... Never before has my soul been deluged with such floods of sound and passion, never had my heart been consumed by such yearning and sublime bliss... A new epoch had begun: Wagner was my god, and I wanted to become his prophet." -Bruno Walter

This is it.  There is nothing more.

mediafire (discs 1+2)

mediafire (discs 3+4)

Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens - What Have You Done, My Brother? (2009)

Discovered this recently after a Sharon Jones binge, at which point I decided to check out the rest of the Daptone catalogue. In the album's liner note, a writer comments that upon first listening to Naomi, his "preconceptions about soul music were about to be shattered... I fell in love. I had never before had my heart so fiercly captivated by a singer before. Every lyric moaned with the full resonance of human emotion".

I agree. Download here.

Liturgy - Renihilation (2009)

i was gonna post some chilled out Sunday brunch music to listen to , but we haven't put up anything heavy since that Mahler, so... here's some black metal.

for best effect, listen with a hangover

Ochre - A Midsummer Nice Dream (2005)

Ochre - A Midsummer Nice Dream (2005)

This is a 2005 IDM release but think back to the 90s, back when Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin were the shit, for everything and everywhere.

It's as if you took the ambient chord structures from artists like Stars of the Lid, mixed it with some melodic structure similar to that created by the French duo, Air, and then built that over the top of the glitchy IDM that is found on Telefon Tell Aviv's first release.

In case you were wondering, it's pronounced "oaker" and features the standard fair of glitched-out drums and floating synths but for some reason, it all sounds a tad refreshing.

Jai Paul - BTSU [Single] (2010)

Jai Paul - BTSU [Single] (2010)

Here's a quick one. Some more Future RnB. It's only one track but it's easily cooler than some of those 10+-track releases out there. I'm telling you, this is what's going to blow up in five years, or even sooner, perhaps. But you heard it here first.

This is like lo-fi Madlib/Hudson Mohawke/Michael Jackson/Harmonimix. Stuhr!

Fanstastic Mr. Fox - Sketches EP (2010)

Fanstastic Mr. Fox - Sketches EP (2010)

There just isn't enough dubstep/grime here on wefuckinglovemusic.

My friend once told me that after a while, it all starts to sound the same and though I have to disagree, to those who aren't particularly fond of the genre, I can see how that could happen. When I am listening to a track or album I really don't care for (which is rare), at one point, usually about at the halfway mark, many of the tracks start sounding eerily similar.

There definitely is an overabundance of dubstep music out there in the blogosphere and even though it is still a relatively young genre, there seems to be a constant stream of new producers surfacing over there in the UK (sometimes in the USA too).

Well, this is Sketches EP by Fantastic Mr. Fox. The artist's name is clearly derived from the character/book (and now Wes Andersen film) of the same name and for no particular reason... It was the first name he saw when he was fishing for a myspace artist name one day. Yeah, pretty boring but he isn't known for his intellect or attempt at humor.

Listen to the music... it makes up for the (rubbish?) artist name.
(It's hotfile and not mediafire, I know, but it's all well worth it... trust me on this one.)

V/A - Samurai Champloo OST #4 ~ Impression (2004)

Lately I've found myself re-listening to older parts of my music collection and this album popped into my head. I had forgotten how truly amazing this album is. Impression is part 4 of the Samurai Champloo OST. This is easily one of the best OSTs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. The music on this album includes stuff from Nujabes (R.I.P), Fat Jon, Force of Nature, and MINMI. I have to say that the songs that Nujabes does are my favorite part of this album but Fat Jon and Force of Nature are also great. Nujabes' material tends to be relaxing and cathartic whereas Force of Nature's music tends to be more upbeat and involved. Fat Jon's part in this record is to provide chilled out drum-intensive hip-hop instrumentals, in which he does a magnificent job. I can't really conceive of anyone not liking this album at least a little bit. That said, it is in your best interest to get this one. Enjoy.

& Comment

Boyd Rice and Friends - Music, Martinis and Misanthropy (1990)

seems like, 'for someone who doesn't like boyd rice, i post a lot of boyd rice.' i guess i just read about people who are involved with him somehow who i'm interested in and then get the albums that have them on, for this it was michael moynihan and rose mcdowall, i think. anyway get it if you want apparently one song is a cover of the carpenters, weird.

Josiah Wolf - Jet Lag (2010)

Josiah Wolf - Jet Lag (2010)

Josiah Wolf is totally indie/lo-fi/folk. I mean, look at the cover, it screams "hi, I made this myself!" The opening track "The Trailer and the Truck" is a catchy/well-written ditty but the rest of the album, eh, not so much. He is the brother of Yoni from the band WHY? and also serves as the drummer. Check this out and decide if it's worth your time or just another failed experiment/side-project/solo release.

Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours To Keep (2006)

I remember back when this album first came out, I had been waiting for months and when it finally dropped (UK only release) I was like "wtf." So I got that version and then a couple months later, the US version dropped with two extra tracks so then I was like "double wtf." Long story short, I own both the US and UK version now. Ha.

But as some of you may know, whenever it was that the Strokes decided a hiatus was good for them, Albert Hammond Jr. was like "fuck you guys, I'm making a solo album." (He's actually made two (including this one) since then.) This seemed to be a common thread because Nikolai, Fabrizio, Nick, Julian--they all also have solo releases; another reason why the Strokes can actually be considered/called a "talented band."

YOURS TO KEEP is very fun, guitar-focused, reminiscent of the Strokes and a fine album to tide us over until the next Strokes/side-project release. Nothing to complain about here.

Gustav Mahler - Symphony no. 1 (2004)

One of Mahler's shortest symphonies and a good place to start when getting into Mahler or romantic music in general.  Also, turn your volume up for this. Mahler varies a lot in volume and the First is no exception: if you keep it turned down, you'll miss half the piece.

Hans Zimmer - Inception (2010)

Hans Zimmer - Inception (2010)

It's soundtrack Friday!

If you've already seen the film/watched the trailers, then you already know how great the soundtrack actually is! INCEPTION might arguably be one of the most talked-about films of this year. Here's a secret: part of what makes it such a great film is its soundtrack (no joke)! This is a throwback to the good old days when composers/directors would actually team up to create a film (not a movie) with a soundtrack that actually ended up sounding as good as the film looked.

If its not in your "habits" to listen to film soundtracks, I think that INCEPTION is the one to break that cycle. Honestly. Try it.

Personal favorites: Half Remembered Dream, Dream is Collapsing, Radical Notion, 528491 and Time.

Clouds - Timekeeper (2008)

Clouds - Timekeeper (2008)

goodbye niggeraguan.

acting like you're 12 will get you kicked out. let this be a lesson yall.

get out the way this is some real broken up shit it's like they took this record and smashed it into little pieces then glued it back together, then the flipside is just Ras G being a baller as usual sticking the whole record back together with nothing but thick blunt smoke

oh raaassss

ps: how do i embed streaming songs?

Dem Hunger - Cave Man Smack (2010)

Dem Hunger is crazy! This one isn't going to appeal to everybody/anybody. No need to dust off your headphones or clean out your speakers though... The dirt and grime is all part of the track. But then, you might ask yourself, what track? When does the music start? What am I listening to?

Well, if I were to describe this, I would call it beat music with a heavy panache for the abstract. He's been featured on Gorrilla vs Bear, Friendship Bracelet, Astro Nautico and countless other blogs. Prepare for audible space dust, nightmarish boogies and a dizzying collage of found sounds.

Dem Hunger is the quintessential beat nomad.

Takako Minekawa - Roomic Cube (1997)

Takako Minekawa is Cornelius' wife (Google Cornelius). They both make music. They're both from Japan. She composes/writes her own music and then performs/sings all by herself. You could almost say she's the Lady Gaga of Japan but that would be a crude comparison (for many reasons). She's actually done a lot to put herself outside of the popular J-Pop "idol" bubble.

She plays all the instruments, sings about cats and clouds and loves vintage equipment/instruments. If you're a fan of the Moog stuff and Casio keyboards, you'll really like 嶺川貴子.

Osvaldo Golijov - Tetro (2009)

soundtrack to the criminally underrated 2009 Francis Ford Coppola film Tetro by hot shit Argentinian composer du jour, Osvaldo Golijov. aside from a couple of dense, neo-Romantic (yet still amazing) orchestral suites towards the end, the music is extremely approachable, elegant, tinged with folk elements, and staggeringly beautiful. the recurring themes make initial listens seem like a half-remembered dream, or an acid flashback. track 10 (El Glaciar) may be the most load-blowing 2:19 of music i've heard in the past year.

bring a change of shorts

Landlord - Landlord EP (2010)

Landlord - Landlord EP (2010)

So there's this new thing coming up, Future RnB. Some artists are doing it: Hudson Mohawke, Jai Paul, etc. Thing is, it's still a pretty young genre so nobody really knows that it even exists! I give it five more years before it starts to pick up.

Landlord is a product of the WEDIDIT collective and it's pretty interesting stuff too. Fundamentally, it's electronic music (you know, with the 8 bit sounds, gameboy tones and sine waves) but with vocals. These guys actually know how to sing and the production isn't clean like much of that regular old RnB so that's also another aspect of Future RnB I guess, that good ol' dirty sound...

Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 (2000)

Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 (2000)

Deltron 3030 is a hip hop power group. When Kid Koala, Dan the Automator and Del tha Funkee Homosapien all decided to team up back in 2000, they created one of the most memorable hip hop albums of the decade. You know something's going on when the opening track itself, (excluding the intro) is 7:30 long and actually tells a story (with some of the catchiest wordplay you'll ever hear).

Too many hip hop productions today are plagued with simplistic beats, whack lyricists and rushed releases (how many mixtapes does one artist really need, yeah?). Deltron 3030 happens to be one of those records that even non hip-hop heads will enjoy.

Johannes Brahms - Symphony No. 3 (1958)

My favorite of Brahms' symphonies, a mournful piece that I associate with the time I climbed a mountain and looked on from the peak with this playing. Conducted by Fritz Reiner with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

mediafire (this seems to be fucked up atm, i'll wait a while and if it still doesnt work i'll reup it)

mediafire (reup)

Mike Kober - Easy in Russia EP (2008)

Mike Kober - Easy in Russia EP (2008)

Chances are, you've never heard of Mike Kober but I assure you, he's not Russian.

EASY IN RUSSIA could serve as the model album representation of "one who dabbles in bedroom electronics"-type music but, it also has several moments of musical genius scattered about (and those of you who've taken theory will definitely hear it). He's not signed, doesn't have a website, doesn't use twitter, doesn't even have a phone number. You can't get in contact with him and he won't call you back (I'm sure he has a land line).

EASY IN RUSSIA is 21 minutes of carefully manipulated electronic pop music. If I were to draw comparisons, I would have to cite: Josiah Wolf for the indie/lo-fi approach, Jeremiah Jae/Dem Hunger for the audio-stitching/field recording aspect (check track 2: Curtis, for this reference) and Andrew Bird for the musical proficiency. Odd sounds are coalesced with the standard synths/strings we come to expect from most indie/bedroom electronic releases today but everything just feels so natural... nothing seems out of place.

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé - Rubber EP (2010)

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé - Rubber EP (2010)

Mr. Oizo likes to make electronic music. Gaspard Augé is 1/2 of Justice, he also likes to make electronic music. Flying Lotus is from Los Angeles; he makes conceptual electronic music. Together, they have created four (well, three, including the Flying Lotus remix) tracks for the film RUBBER, which was directed by Mr. Oizo.

It stutters, bounces, crackles, synths-it-up, makes you want to dance, is totally Justice-influenced, has soul, works as a nice opposite to the "usual" film soundtrack and actually sounds like a(n) record/official release--not a soundtrack.

Nosaj Thing - Remixes (2010)

Nosaj Thing - Remixes (2010)
It's rare to have an electronic artist whose remix tracks are as versatile and plentiful as his official album releases. Nosaj Thing, who's still only twenty-something, has skillfully mastered the craft of sound-manipulation. He creates dreamy soundscapes that are often layered with sputtery drums, spliced mono synths and ephemeral tones.

This is a Nosaj Thing remixes-only album featuring: the xx, Freeland, Nalepa, Blank Blue, Portishead, Flying Lotus and many others...

Lazer Sword - The Golden Handshake EP (2010)

Lazer Sword - The Golden Handshake EP (2010)

I have to admit, not everyone is familiar with the whole Los Angeles/midi-mecca/glitch/beat movement (thing) going on right now but that's quite alright. As a matter of fact, not knowing is part of the beauty/experience. In this category/genre of music, you hardly ever know what to expect. The genre itself is so diverse that labeling it "glitch" or anything else is doing it a disservice.

It's magic when a track that was produced five years ago can still sound like it came out yesterday. This is a 2010 release, mind you, but come back in five years to see/hear what I mean. In this case, Lazer Sword (and no, I didn't say Major Lazer) is comprised of Low Limit and Lando Kal and they specialize in, you guessed it, electronic/beat music (now what's with all the L's in their names?). Though this is a joint release between the two, what makes it interesting is that they split the EP in half amongst the two of them, so three tracks each, hence the title and well-presented album art. The first half of the record is more dancey stuff. The second, well, it's pure face-melting goodness. A fair balance, I think.

Check the vid if you don't believe me.

Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters EP (2010)

Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters EP (2010)

It's 2010 now but in case you missed the 80s, we've got dozens of ways to remind ourselves of what it was/might have been like. Watch a Julian Casablancas video, go listen to Mark Ronson's latest single, "Bang Bang Bang" or just pay $6 to download Lorn's side project OMEGA CLASH and then perhaps you may get an idea. But only an idea.

These are all reified versions of what has already gone by, modernized representations of thirty years ago. It's everywhere, in: fashion, radio, television, even advertising! But buried beneath all this junk, there sometimes is still hope. A hope that someone who actually knows what the fuck is going on will finally show up (even if it is thirty years too late/but that's the point anyway) and give us some damn goooooood music.

Well, I don't know if this has happened yet but in the interim, Com Truise gives us Cyanide Sisters EP.

One Last Wish - s/t (1986)

Guy Picciotto's shortlived post-Rites of Spring project only had one release, this LP.  It's a lot closer to what we call 90s emo than Rites of Spring was, with more pop hooks and less dissonance.