Anarom - The Sun & Ramune (2009)

This is an album review, not the actual album. To buy the actual album, go here. To listen Anarom's music, go here. For a download of the single "Seismic Pancakes" go here.

Anarom, one "Michael Morana," has succeeded in his ability to create electronic music. His debut album, "The Sun & Ramune," defines Anarom as an artist. It sets the stage, so to speak for what might become a great source of musical splendor. The majesty of a great oak, entrenched in the soil of its ancestors. Steadfast against the midsummer breeze, the branches sway as if to say, "Yes, I am here. I am alive. I will retain my composure." All the while splinters of light penetrate the nearly opaque canopy of this arduous tree and land upon the shoulders of a particularly jovial young male. A gossamer thread in the tapestry of time. So ephemeral, yet imbued with the scent of life and whim. It is this supernal scene that The Sun & Ramune creates in my mindspace. The music is at times flighty (Seismic Pancakes comes to mind), and conversely collected at others (Morning). Akin to this contrast, there is a palette of color in which Anarom paints his piece. Some songs take on a smooth, blue hue (IMU); whereas some portray a more lively heliotrope (Look at the Colors). In any shade of any color, there is an electricity present in this album that keeps ones' mind's head above water. This involvement is unique to Anarom. I find that my brain responds to this sort of music in a giddy manner. It's novel, yet I could not welcome it more. The melodies seem to lubricate my synapses and expedite thought. It is a sort of brainfood. Whether ye be geriatric or fresh outta the womb, you WILL enjoy The Sun & Ramune. It is one to bridge the gap between generations.

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  1. I think it's like, when you actually take those green paper things and trade them for those circular discs. I could be mistaken.

  2. wtf. don't do that, music should be free.

  3. Codey says:
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  4. Zephyr says:

    Not gonna buy it until I've heard it.

  5. Anarom says:

    I already have a couple songs from it on my myspace player (link is in this post^). plus you can listen to all of the previews on the buy link. I have 3 other free albums on my blog and another free one coming. Currently there are mp3s available for TS&R, but I am putting together more sky-blue CDs with 6-page photography booklet in standard jewel case + a sticker. they'll be up soon.

  6. Zephyr says:

    Well Mr. Anarom, I deeply believe in supporting musicians, so I'll check out what you've provided and see how I feel.

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