Cale Parks - Illuminated Manuscript (2006)

Before I get started with this post, I'd like to tell you that Gorillaz' album Plastic Beach just leaked and it's amazing. Unfortunately, it's in 128kbps, still sounds good though. I would upload it but it would get WEB SHERIFF'd faster than you could say WEB SHERIFF.

Anyways, Cale Parks makes electronic music that is not unlike the relaxing, elegant melodies churned out by the band Talkdemonic (who are absolutely amazing. I think there is at least one Talkdemonic album on this blog, so look for it). Songs include rhythmic chiming of various instruments (including the vibraphone, which Cale Parks is known for) and sound effects, ambient noises, droning synthesizers, and sometimes the voice of Cale Parks, which is gentle, sometimes almost sounding feminine. This is good driving/studying music. Not incredibly involving, but not simple to the point where you can't follow it. Fans of Talkdemonic, or relaxing music in general, should get this album. Anyway, enjoy.

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    Web Sheriff vs. Google ... FIGHT

  3. dantelop says:

    Plastic Beech - too much 80s(but I would be a fucking lier if I said that I didn't like music from then).

  4. Yeah, beach has got quite an 80's vibe, but it's good for the most part.

    And this is pretty off topic, but Illuminated Manuscript is good lol.

  5. And does the cover look like vanilla beans to anybody else?

  6. his new EP was produced by Brian Jacobs (Ex-Apes and Androids) and I find it much better than the Aloha material I've heard. I probably will have to check his earlier work out as well now.

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