Grails - The Burden Of Hope (2003)

the first album of the instrumental/post-rock(not really though) band grails. this one is a pretty damn good debut and even has a cover of sun city girl's space prophet dogon. if you enjoy anything of the previously mentioned, even a little, you should get this. go ahead, give it a listen. i know you want to.

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  1. ribs says:

    fantastic band, fantastic album

  2. wow. that's a copy of a ten ruppee note from sri lanka. lol. who woulda thought one would end up on an album cover

  3. pierre says:

    some of the tracks remind me of the zabriskie point sessions by pink floyd, kind of the same melody.

    not as good though, but still enjoyable.

  4. Killjoy says:

    You can find this and much more in perfect lossless FLAC quality in my blog: FLAC for the masses

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