hhhhhh - few said... (2013)

Dreamy lo-fi semi-psychedelic folk rock with catchy melodies, and hints of memories of past-lives as acid-soaked musicians from the 50s and 60s.  Listen and support, this is good stuff.

The artist also puts together great videos for a lot of the tracks.  Watch them.

_____Face - (it's pronounced underscoreFace) (2014)

A cyborg block party, cut with 8-bit nostalgia: _____Face straddles the gap between the surreal and the hyper-real. In a sample-storm of slow jams, nightclub grinders, lullabies, and hip hop love-letters, _____Face burrows deep into your musical subconscious saying, 'remember those dance moves you made up in grade 5?' 'Bring 'em back. It's time to bust'a'move to this futuristic groove'

Give her a try here.