Foetus - Nail (1985)

One of my favorite albums of all time, Nail is a darkly humorous industrial cabaret act brimming with misanthropy. The man behind Foetus AKA You've Got Foetus On Your Breath AKA Scraping Foetus off the wheel is none other than J.G. Thirlwell, the man responsible for Steroid Maximus and the Venture Bros. music, among other things. On this album: anger, metallic noises, agony, swing-y rhythms, awesomely cheesy horns and strings, despair, and gravelly snarls. Think The Downward Spiral meets Chicago.

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  1. Mace Hane says:

    Yep, I reckon this'll be an all-time favourite for a lot of folks. 'Hole' was(is)a great album but this just kicked a whole heap of dust in it's face and walked away grinning.
    'Anything' is such a magnificently powerful song; the way he sings the line 'get outta' my way' is wondrous, especially the second time.
    I envy anybody coming to this for the first time right now.

  2. This is one of my desert island discs. I met him recently in Brooklyn. An interesting person.

    How he created this back then is a mystery this is really well done. Anyone wavering should get this immediately.

  3. Bender says:

    Everything JGT touches is gold!
    He had a new album come out this week on Zorn's label. Orchestra playing his Manorexia project. AMAZING!

  4. kurt says:

    Really like nail but can't think it is better than hole. Just so many quotes roll around the mind from hole and very few from nail, "lurching round a parking lot, man possessed of not a lot" "I like the way you fill out your clothes, I wanna stick my head under your hose" SUCK ON THIS, SQUAREHEAD, I hear you got a six inch guarantee of unilateral security" "Frisky young colt with a passion for pleasure seeks foamy filly with a sense of DANGER"
    Wonderful, and to my mind unbeatable, both great but hole greater.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's albums like Nail that make me wish that records were warm and fluffy, so that I could cuddle them.

  6. Could you please re-upload the album? Thanks!

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