Clara Rockmore - The Art of the Theremin (1987)

get it if you like: theremins and classical.

while many listeners familiar with the theremin have heard it used mostly as a spooky special-effects device, rockmore, a classically-trained musician, used it to perform classical works. under her control, the theremin sounded like a blend of the violin and the human voice.

happy new year everyone.


Obstacles - Decomposition of Movement (2008)

One of my favorite (if not the favorite) albums released this year. Delicious post-rock and math-rock. Recommended.

Similar Artists: Cheval De Frise, 31knots

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It's almost new years, this is cause for a celebration. Let's get fuct up! (Gimme that alcohol [a l c o h o l])

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - I Have Made My Bed In Darkness (2008)

Similar Artists: The Dillinger Escape Plan, SikTh, East Of The Wall
Recommended Tracks: Moonshoes, Hairdresser, Seeds

Scramble together a mix of the aforementioned plus Isis, Mr. Bungle, Botch, Today Is the Day, The Fall of Troy, Fear Before the March of Flames and Sigur Ros and this excitable trio from Indiana have put out an electrifying performance falling into the tag of must hear now. Fusion jazz, liquid tension and cascades of various pitches collide with brackish noise bursts on I Have Made My Bed In Darkness. Instantaneously on "Seeds" you get the impression these lads are out to crush your nerves within nanoseconds and then set you on your back for a chillout with their sedentary prog sessions. Kind of like dusting off your opponent after kicking his teeth in.

Crime In Stereo - Explosives And The Will To Use Them (2004)

30 seconds into their debut full length, Explosives and the Will to Use Them, the listener is assaulted with the familiar sounds of melodic hardcore made popular by east coast bands like Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, or even Gorilla Biscuits. What really sets this band apart is the use of the guitars that seem to draw influence from the entire spectrum of the genre, ranging from tight pop-punk riffage all the way to post-hardcore noodlings in the upper register. There are textures and tones though familiar to the ear, seem somewhat out of place on a standard hardcore record. So maybe this isn't a standard hardcore record then? Hmm'.

Norma Jean - Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child (2002)

Recommended Tracks: Face: Face, Memphis will be laid to waste, It was as if the dead man stood upon the air
Similar Artists: The Chariot, Converge, Fear Before The March Of Flames

Norma Jean's best album. If you haven't listened to this because you're an atheistfag, suck it up. You're missing out on some damn good metalcore. Honestly, I can't believe I didn't upload this yet.

From A Second Story Window - Not One Word Has Been Omitted (2003)

From a Second Story Window play a type of music that is infectious in its quirkiness. Unlike many other bands in the deathcore genre, FASSW's music has a personality. The band once stated that they make music for the ADD stricken. This is evident in the music, you can hear by the frequent changes of tempo and rhythm. Don't let yourself be thrown off by "deathcore", these guys produce some interesting music that you'd be hard-pressed not to download.

Similar Artists: Misery Signals, Veil of Maya

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Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters (2007)

Since this album came out last year, I have been trying to find a way to describe and compliment it sufficiently, but to no avail. The quality of this release is ineffable. Rarely will you hear music this powerful.
Wolves In The Throne Room are a gifted group of artists making some of the most amazing atmospheric black metal yet recorded. Their all encompassing music is sublime at both ends of the spectrum. Some sections are crushing and dark, while others are gentle and beautiful.
I'll never be able to say enough good things about this release. If you are not a BM fan, get it anyway, this is your bridge.



Junkboy - The Dynamics of Modern Communication (2002)

Chilled out great sounds. Dripping with melody. Diverse instrumentation. Some tracks with vocals.

Vaguely similar sounds: We vs Death , Menomena , 33.3

Very highly recommended.

Get this now.

Album removed as per artist's request.

Sleeping People - Growing (2007)

Born at the crack of the year 2002, San Diego’s Sleeping People began as some sort of razor-sharp punk prog-metal trio - two guitars and drums, and too much energy to safely contain. In 2003 they added Kenseth Thibideau (our proverbial ‘everyman’ that also plays in Howard Hello and Pinback) on bass. It would prove to be a perfect match. Like they were meant to be together from the start, the band scrapped all of their original songs and started over as a much more intense four-piece. Taking a variety of classic and contemporary influences, they speed it up, fuck it up, and serve it up.

Light of Shipwreck - From the Idle Cylinders (2007)

Three songs, all over 10 minutes, of experimental ambient from one man with a guitar with heavy, droning distortion. Effects in layers; quiet, tranquilizing sounds; and some interesting (at times tribal, others fast and chopped-up seeming) percussion.

Get it here.

SikTh - The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out, Wait For Something Wild (2003)

Recommended Tracks: Pussyfoot, Wait For Something Wild
Similar Artists: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Textures

SikTh was a six-membered progressive/technical metal band, originating from Watford, England. They formed in March 2001, with their music being under the scope of many music magazines such as Kerrang! and Metal Hammer and a favourite of BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs. The band were signed to independent record label Bieler Bros. Records at the time of their disbandment.

Daughters - Hell Songs (2006)


Daughters is back with a new album called Hell Songs. They've switched from Robotic Empire to the monstrous Hydra Head records and although I'm still quite sceptical about this band, I have to admit they surprised me. Their songs have grown much wealthier, and the singer kind of realized his screaming got boring after a while. That's why he switched to an inventive way of art-school singing, as if he's bending his voice in various ways to accommodate the music. Just listen to the introductory opening track Daughters Spelled Wrong and you'll know what I mean. His voice gets closer to the singing of bands as Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars. Definitely more interesting than anything he did in the past.

Psyopus - Our Puzzeling Encounters Considered (2007)

Psyopus is fast and disjointed, freakishly so in an era of "spazz." The Rochester, NY band makes Hella sound like Low. Atonal guitar lines spiral at warp speed, hurtling through uncountable time signatures and turn-on-a-dime changes. Drums keep step, adding insult to injury. A few precedents exist for this sound, though they're dissimilar. Behold…The Arctopus lacks vocals, Buckethead lacks songs, Ephel Duath is moodier, Cryptopsy is more metal, and with the Dillinger Escape Plan, one can tell where rock's boundaries begin to fray. Psyopus, however, has leapt into the unknown.

Similar Artists: Car Bomb, The Red Chord, Into The Moat, Ion Dissonance

Flake Music - When You Land Here It's Time to Return (1997)

Flake Music is an alternative rock band that pioneered the "indie" sound, with James Mercer as the brains of the outfit. James Mercer now performs vocals in The Shins. The sound is very substantial, with charming melodies and luscious harmonies. James Mercer, as per the usual, does great vocals on this album. This a very highly recommended album, especially if you like The Shins. Even if you don't, I'd advise checking them out anyway, because their sound is very distinct and relatively dissimilar.

Similar Artists: Ugly Cassanova, Rogue Wave, Figurines

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Miss Kittin - Batbox (2008)

get it if you like: vive la fete, felix da housecat, the hacker.

it's been a while since miss kittin and the hacker became electroclash sensations with their hit frank sinatra back in 2001. being a world-famous DJ traveling around the world for years, miss kittin wrote and recorded batbox, and album with a more techno and dark sound than previous releases. a 2008 must for electro fans. (this was released back in february, how come you don't have it yet?)



Patrick Wolf - Wind in the Wires (2005)

get it if you like: bright eyes, elliot smith, nine inch nails.

patrick wolf is an english singer-songwriter from london. wolf mixes electronics and samples with a wide range of instruments including viola, keyboards, ukelele, and percussion, all of which he plays himself to form a fusion of jazz, folk and electronic music. this is my favorite album by him, includes the amazing "tristan", one of the best songs ever. he sounds nothing like nin btw, but his approach to music reminds me a bit of a younger trent reznor. and a gayer conor oberst, aaand a less-emo elliot smith (no offense to elliot or his fans).



get it if you like: iamerror, BMTH.

fuck. this band is awful when they're playing their mix of cybergrind and deathcore. just horrible, terrible.the slower, more melodic parts and the clean vocals however, make up for it x2 (and that remix is kind of cool). i know it's a joke band and all but still, they should focus on making more melodic music and dropping the scene act. deathcore is the absolute worst shit ever.


Bluebeard - Bluebeard (2001)

Bluebeard - Bluebeard (2001)

This band is supposedly classified as Japanese Emo/Indie but all that really matters is that you should listen to this cd now. Excellent instrumentals and excellent vocals, each standing on their own and also coming together to form something brilliant. I've listened to this CD at least a zillion times. Enjoy.


Damsel - Distressed (2006)

A barely-controlled-chaos of a jam session from the formidable Zach Hill (Hella, The Ladies, Team Sleep, Crime in Choir) and Nels Cline (Wilco, Thurston Moore, The Geraldine Fibbers). Recorded and mixed in one day at Semaphore Studios in Chicago, IL, all of the songs are entirely improvised, with a little post-production editing. Noisy, energetic, and experimental goodness.

Vaguely sounds like: a more shapeless Hella

Get it here.

Railsplitter - Sunday Morning at the Church of the Head Crushing Riff (2006)

Firstly, this album is in 128kbps, but it doesn't sound bad at all. Secondly, Railsplitter play heavy, southern heritage influenced stoner/doom metal. Their sound is fairly unique amongst hundreds of other cookie-cutter doom metal bands. They've added a tinge of southern culture to this album that is perceptible in the riffs and vocals, I've found it to be rather enjoyable, despite the fact that I abhor the South. But anyway, this is a damn good doom metal album, I'd recommend it to fans of doom metal (obviously).

Similar Artists: Teeth of the Hydra, Noothgrush, Art of Burning Water

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Robot Goes Here - Mechanical Advantage (2008)

Robot Goes Here - Mechanical Advantage (2008)

Punk rock expatriate Dave Rand spent his teenage years in vans touring the east coast - 12 bands in 8 years. When the final group disbanded in 2004, Rand sat down to write, alone with a laptop. He loved it and he began to record. Rand delivers the same intense, high-stakes show that he always has, complete with jumps, kicks and mic tosses.

This is just an EP of some of his covers. I'll upload another later if this is popular.

Le Loup - The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly (2007)

During certain periods in life, creativity goes beyond serving as an outlet for dealing with stress, beyond being a welcome distraction, and becomes a compulsion. It is at this moment, when creation starts to bridge the gap between superfluity and intrinsic necessity, that some of the best art is realized. For Sam Simkoff, the creative force behind Le Loup, a similar cathartic tumult resulted in The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly.

Very intriguing and enjoyable album. Animal Collective-esque almost. Definitely worth a listen.

Similar Artists: The Ruby Suns, Animal Collective, Evangelicals

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TGI motherfuckin' F

Sainkho - Naked Spirit (1999)

By popular demand, another release from Sainkho Namtchylak. The only review I could find of this said the same shit as the last one for half of it, but here it is anyway:
Sainkho Namchylak is one of the more important singers to come from the former Soviet sphere. Born and raised in Tuva, trained in music but denied credentials, she eventually went to Moscow to seek out the modern world. She studied modern composition, ancient folk traditions, and the art of multi-tonal "throat singing." As a member of the infamous avant garde ensemble Tri-O, she broke most of the rules and started to make a name for herself in the world of "new" music. Naked Spirit is her most complete work yet, as she explores jazz, classicism, shamanistic depth, and completely unfettered experiments--always centered around the voice, often layers and layers of her own voice. This is accompanied sparingly; a solo piano, a wailing dudek, a throbbing mouth harp, and a single drum are used to add color or texture to the vocal music. While Sainkho is often relegated to the "world music" bins usually reserved for folk and pop fusions of folk, she really belongs in the section devoted to free jazz and experimentations by artists like Meredith Monk or Rinde Eckert. This music is defiantly unclassifiable and all the more important for that defiance. --Louis Gibson
The first track is really amazing by the way. Also this album is tagged as Sainkho, instead of her full name, I think it's meant to be like that but I'm not sure.

Unearth - The March (2008)


Similar Artists: As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Parkway Drive

Hailing from Massachusetts, the virtual metal and hardcore capital of North America, Unearth bring a refreshing sense of talent with charismatic riffs, thought provoking lyrics and pummeling breakdowns. Unearth masterfully combine an intoxicating mix of American and European metal with hardcore ethic and punch. This unique approach makes Unearth one of the most abrasive, commanding and emotionally charged groups in heavy music today.

pux pix

The Ghost Orchid - The Ghost Orchid (2008)

This album is very melodic, and consistently delivers beautiful instrumental/electronic music with nice beats.

Vaguely similar artists: a-fei , Elements of Something Really Beautiful , My First Trumpet

Very highly recommended.

Get this.

This Day Forward - Fragments of an Untold Story (2001)


Similar Artists: Hopefalls, Poison The Well

This was a raw combination of metalcore and screamed vocals, often compared to Converge, but arguably with more melodic riffs. Soon after, they were signed to Eulogy Recordings and released The Transient Effects of Light on Water in 2000. Being on Eulogy allowed them to play larger shows, such as Hellfest 2000 in Syracuse, and they quickly developed a devoted fanbase outside of their home area.

Teeth of the Hydra - Greenland (2006)

From the ruins of Columbus Ohio come TEETH OF THE HYDRA, one of the burliest power trios to gallop out of the rust belt in recent times. TEETH OF THE HYDRA distill backwoods molten battery into crusty black metal riff electricity. Nautical death trip vocals and desert plague guitars transform 1970s’ heavy rock hooks. Mean and raw is just how TEETH do business. Critics and fans have likened them to Celtic Frost, Melvins, Amebix and Entombed.

Prepare to have your balls crushed.

Similar Artists: Kongh, Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon, Isis

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Sainkho Namtchylak - Stepmother City (2002)

Sainkho Namtchylak - Stepmother City (2002)
Vocalist Sainkho Namtchylak is a master of the unique multi-octave Tuvan throat-singing style, which is known for its deep guttural moans as well as high-pitched whistles and buzzing overtones. Namtchylak knows the music traditions of her homeland (located just south of Siberia), but these days she's interested in mutating those traditions. Stepmother City is a wildly diverse work that juxtaposes Tuvan throat singing and music against modern pop, electronic music, and experimental jazz. The Western sounds work great with Namtchylak's amazing voice. As haunting sonic textures provide the backdrops, the vocalist uses her seven-octave range to create a vivid variety of vocal characters that are intermittently sultry pop divas, children, demons, and songbirds, as well as more traditional-sounding singers of the Tuvan, gospel, blues, and opera styles. More accessible than Namtchylak's past work, which leans more toward either the European avant-garde or traditional Tuvan music, Stepmother City will delight and enchant fans of Björk, Diamanda Galas, and Zap Mama.

If you guys like this one I'll upload some of her other stuff too.

Mastodon - Leviathan (2004)


With their 2004 beast, the aptly titled Leviathan, Mastodon finally find their niche as a thinking man's metal band. Blending Voivod's neuro-thrash, Therion's majestic gloom, Morbid Angel's spirit of restless and morphing liquid black melody, and EyeHateGod's Southern rock gone awry, Leviathan is nothing short of supernatural. Evincing a decade's worth of maturity gained in just two short years, Mastodon have authored a bombastic modern interpretation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick, the classic metaphor for mortality's eternal (and unwinnable) struggle with divine injustice.

Skinny Puppy - The Singles Collect (1999)

get it if you like: front line assembly, front 242, my life with the thrill kill kult.

skinny puppy is one of the greatest industrial acts ever and i believe everyone should be into them. so get this compilation of singles released by the band in 1999 and become a fan. it doesn't include every single released by the band until then but includes several industrial and band classics like warlockED, tim omen, spasmolytic, tormentor, killing game, dig it and assimilate. amazing comp.


Kontakte - Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies (2008)

This mix of different instrumental styles, with electronic elements, and moments of both shoegaze and harder rock, creates a melodic and very dynamic result. Includes some good remixes.

Highly recommended.

Vaguely similar artists: Epic45 , Lights Out Asia , The American Dollar

Get it here.

Ari Thanos - The Grace of Fashion is Dead (2004)

I'm convinced that there is not a picture of this album cover on the internet, so here's a photo of the band's legs.

Ari Thanos is an alternative rock band from Flint, Michigan. Their music is very lighthearted generally, though at times it can be bursting with strong emotions. They have a very defined sound, which is really hard to find amongst the billion other "indie rock" bands. This particular album is only 6 tracks long, but it makes up for it with a high substance density. If I were you I'd get it. And then I'd comment on this post. But that's just me.

(Loosely) Similar Artists: Okay, Dr. Dog, Parts & Labor

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Good Old War - Only Way to Be Alone (2008)

Upbeat, optimistic, mostly acoustic rock. Played on Anthony Green's solo album Avalon, and he sings a bit on "Weak Man" on this record. Tags taken from

Vaguely sounds like: The Dodos , Band of Horses , the more subdued, sentimental moments of The Shins

Get it here.
Recommended tracks: "Coney Island" , "Maybe Mine" , "We've Come a Long Way"

If Lucy Fell - You Make Me Nervous (2005)


The Portuguese answer to chaotic hardcore acts like Converge and The Blood Brothers is If Lucy Fell. Their music is carefully constructed chaotic hardcore, yet it is easily digestible. If Lucy Fell is a relative new band, they formed back in January of 2004. Their debut release was a five track long demo which saw the daylight in August of 2004. With tons of shows and a deal with an indie label called Rastilho Records, the band moved on to record their debut album "You Make Me Nervous". The album will be released worldwide through a British label called Lockjaw Records on September 4th.

The Natural Yogurt Band - Away With Meloncholy(sic) (2008)

Every few years something comes along that is SO good it gets played in their office over and over and over and over again and captivates them completely, and the Natural Yogurt Band is one of those somethings. The demo album they sent was accompanied by no credentials. There was no promo sheet bragging about the famous DJs who are fronting them, no long CV stating who plays what and who used to play with whoever; no info, no blurb and no gumph. In other words they just sent Jazzman a plain CDR, which is nice, because it’s music that counts, right? So what is it about their demo that they find so intriguing? Well, for starters you can hear real people playing real instruments, which always goes down well at Jazzman. Then there are the original ideas, played out as quirky, innocent instrumentals, and their flawless execution lacks pretense and self-consciousness. You also get the feeling that they are having FUN making their music. And it comes naturally, they’re not trying too hard. Finally when you note their taste and musical style - Italian gangster films, leftfield electronics, Morricone, Alessandroni & Nicolai all rolled into one - you realise that they’ve been listening to the right stuff and making their own auditory visualization of what’s good. Oddball, left field, funky; yet unpretentious and effortless!

Yeah it is pretty sweet.

Joseph Nothing - Shambhala Number One (2007)

Joseph Nothing is an electronic artist with a penchant for whimsical sounds. Coupled with great electronic percussion, his childlike melodies soar with an orchestral quality on this album.

Similar artists: World's End Girlfriend , Child's View

Get it here.

Thanks for mentioning him, Menschenfeindlich.

Minotaur Shock - Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers (2001)

The debut of Minotaur Shock. Multi-influenced electronic with very nice beats and sounds; some chilled out songs. Recommended.

Vaguely similar artists: Xploding Plastix, Xela , ISAN

It's here.
Recommended tracks: "Local Violin Shop" , "First to Back Down"

Dextro - Consequence Music (2006)

I hope you've all had a great thanksgiving, I know I have. I love pumpkin pie. Anyway, here's a cool electronic album that I've recently procured. Dextro is an IDM act- but he also uses ambient sounds, breakbeats, and various other instruments to create something that could be described as a potpourri of electronic sound. Interesting stuff. Worth checking out.

Similar Artists: Slag Boom Van Loon, Deep Space Network, Novel 23

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AFI - Sing The Sorrow (2003)

AFI - Sing The Sorrow (2003)

In honor of our 50,000th view, I'm going out on a limb and posting my favorite album growing up. I was 13. Teen angst-y motherfucker, I was. Staying up into the wee hours of the night, blasting this album, drinking pepsi like nobody's business, and playing Phantasy Star Online until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Flame away. I have no dignity.

PS. Happy Turkey Day

Trist - Zrcadlení melancholie (2007)

Trist is a one man band from the Czech Republic. He plays doom influenced Depressive Black Metal. This is his 3rd full length, only consisting of two songs. Repetition plays a key role here, allowing the basic structure of each song to be slowly built upon as it progresses. Great riffs, coupled by a solid atmosphere, and of course depressive/suicidal lyrical content. Though you would not understand what he's saying even if you spoke Czech... Anyways, if you like dark music here it is.