Terakaft - Akh Issudar (2008)

Terakaft is a band from Africa who play a genre of music known as desert blues. The music is highly reflective of the African culture and accordingly is a departure from most things that you would normally listen to. Nonetheless this is a really good album and I'd recommend getting it. Also, pitchfork reviewed this album and it was a pretty good review so here's a part of it

"What separates this album from those made by Terakaft's colleagues is its uniquely ramshackle approach to what is essentially organic psychedelia. Acoustic guitars make a few appearances, and some songs, such as "Soubhanallah", have an open, free-flowing character that makes it feel like they simply blew up off the peak of a dune and became pieces of music. The all-acoustic closer offers a different sound, with more independence for each voice and a folky (in the Western sense) arrangement. This genre has reached a point of diversity where terms like "desert rock" and "desert blues" have become inadequate-- it needs its own name. Akh Issudar, however it's labeled, is another reminder that this corner of the world is producing some of the best and most rewarding music out there."

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Shelter Red - Masters of the Universe (2007)

really good, underrated post-rock heavily tinged with progressive metal. just get it fag



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Ducktails - '92 Demo Cassette

Ducktails - '92 Demo Cassette

For the fans of this awesome tropical drone or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, here's an old ass demo cassette that came out in very limited amounts. Play, close your eyes, and let the music take you to the most hot and humid rainforest/beach/city you can imagine.

oh god I can't stop sweating from this tropical weather

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Fever Ray - Halloween Mix Podcast (2009)

i know there are several fever ray fans out there so i thought i'd share this with yall. it's a halloween mix karin made for residentadvisor.net and it's full of great stuff. yo la tengo, neil young, burial hex, suicide, entombed and more. it's pretty weird, has the same chill/dark mood fever ray's music has. site requires registration but it's pretty quick and worth it. also on the site a short interview and the tracklist.

Rasputina - Melora a la Basilica (2008)

i found this the other day and i remember people enjoying rasputina when i posted so i thought i'd share it. this is a live recording of reworked rasputina songs with a new band member and some covers of goldfrapp, pearl jam and songs from the swenney todd and a clockwork orange soundtracks. only 1000 copies were made.

Zero 7 - Simple Things (2001)

Chill, downtempo music from the UK. Can't think of much more to say and too tired to sit here and think of something, here is the last.fm description:
Zero 7 is a downtempo act comprising Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker from the United Kingdom. The band’s songs feature vocals from Mozez, Sia Furler, Tina Dico, Sophie Barker and José González.
On 23rd April 2001 they released their debut album, Simple Things, to wide acclaim. The album featured collaborations with vocalists Mozez, Sia Furler, and Sophie Barker.


mc chris - Part Six Part Three (2009)

part three of this series of EPs mc chris is releasing, get the previous two here. this is the least funny on the series so far. feels like he's rushing the songs and skits. part one was great, then part two wasn't that great and this is just meh. i'm still going to post the rest as they get released so, posting.

Memory Tapes - Walk Me Home (2009)

more motherchillin' chillwave for yall chillbros out there. this bro used to be part of hail social. now he's part of this chillwave thing. i think he's also known as memory cassette or has another project called memory cassette, lol gimmicks. this is a single 16 min track, dunno if it's a mixtape or a long song but it's cool, a bit too bloghouse sometimes, but after all this is bloghouse 2: chillwave. chillaxin' times are ahead.

Annie - Don't Stop (2009)

the wait is over. annie finally releases her second album after a lot of shit with labels and stuff. sweet electronic pop with enough indie cred to make pitchfork write about it. produced by xenomania, richard x, paul epworth and timo kaukolampi. collabs include a guy from franz ferdinand and one fag from datarock. im also posting an EP/special edition bonus disc (wiki says it's a bonus disc, i got it as an EP. whatever.) that includes previous singles i know why ur girlfriend hates me and anthonio + 3 non-album tracks. cheers popbros.

ColdWorld - Melancholie² (2008)

chill black metal for all you BMbros. coldworld is a one man "depressive" black metal band (a first for the "genre") that mixes some sweet ass synths and melodies with your good old black metal screeching vocals and tremolo riffing. if this had some female vocals a la amesoeurs it'd be one of the greatest blackwave albums ever fo shizzle. too bad it has none. still pretty enjoyable even if you're not THAT into black metal. for fans of lifelover, mortifera, etc...

PS. melancholieSQUARE motherfuckers! only math could explain just how sad this music really is.

Nice Nice - Yesss! (2005)

Part ecstatic, noisy, experimental instrumental; part chilled electronic sounds; all with a busy rhythm section. Closer to Chrome than their acclaimed Spring-Winter EPs, but also better and groovier than it. Includes three remixes.

Nicely nice Nice Nice.

AIDS Wolf - Dustin' Off the Sphynx (2009)

new AIDS wolf. this shit's gonna make your ears bleed. and look at these guys.

do you think the girl let her pubes grow for that photoshoot or does she likes her vagina hairy?

link removed by request. buy it HERE

No New York (1978)

No New York (1978)
I know it's old news (31 years old news), but I've been really digging No Wave again, so I thought this record merited a good V0 posting. I kind of wish he had managed to pick up some more bands, especially Theoretical Girls and pre-LP Suicide. Not that what did make it isn't amazing. Definitely check it out if you haven't heard it. If this doesn't make you want to shoot heroin and live in a phone booth, nothing will.


Exivious - Exivious (2009)

Exivious is an instrumental jazz fusion/prog metal band that contains members of Textures and the current incarnation of Cynic. The latter has a definite influence on this album, with the same slick production and virtuosity that made Cynic's 2008 comeback a breath of fresh air. If you enjoyed"Traced in Air," you'll love this. If you're not familiar with any of the names I've mentioned here, but enjoy a bit of jazz fusion in your prog wankery, then check this out.

The Supremes - The Supremes Sing Motown (1967)

from wikipedia because im a lazy fuck who just woke up from a 2 hour nap at 5pm: "The Supremes Sing Holland–Dozier–Holland (issued internationally as The Supremes Sing Motown) is a 1967 album by The Supremes for Motown Records. It includes the number-one hit singles "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone". As the title states: all songs on the album were written and produced by Motown's main songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland. Most of the album was recorded during the spring and summer of 1966."

shit's pretty cash yall, you should stop listening to whatever you are and get this.

Pretend You're Happy - Pretend You're Happy (2008)

"Pretend You’re Happy use indie rock to encourage reverence and catharsis in everyday life."
"Songs present poppy lullaby-esque vocal melodies surrounded by shifting textures, from 3-part violin harmonies to screeching static and detuned guitars."

The music produced by this band is aurally delicious. They use a lot of different instruments like the clarinet, the violin, double bass, piano, and some horn I can't name. I don't have much else to say about this band, other than I'm surprised that they aren't very popular and this album is not one to be missed. I hope you enjoy it.




Pele - Teaching the History of Teaching Geography (1998)

The debut of a great instrumental band, with upbeat, melodic goodness abound. This record is just fun, engaging, the keyboard action is smooth, and the drumming is very nod-inducing. Includes three remixes. Very recommended.

Vaguely similar sounds: Piglet , Rumah Sakit , toe , Volta do Mar

Ova here.

Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights (2009)

i said i'd post this when a v0 rip was available so here it is. lightning bolt's new album, earthly delights. i just listened to a couple of tracks and it felt more "hardcore" than "noise rock". not sure if i like that. i'm gonna give it another listen later tonight.

Cat Killer - Words To Remember (2009)

So Cat Killer is this guy who 'makes' lo-fi, fuzzed out, pop songs. In that respect he is 'really original' am i right? Whatever he is obscure so probably hip or something I don't even know. The music is 'good' too.

Sister Suvi - Now I Am Champion (2009)

One of the best albums I've listened to this year. Here's a description from P4K.

"The 'Montoronto'-based trio brings a raft of influences to their first full-length, Now I Am Champion, and it takes a couple of listens to enjoy all its strengths. The first impression, from singles like the breakneck 'The Lot' or Zeppelin-esque 'Golden', is of an off-kilter indie rock act. The production is raw but muddy, and when the songs get loud-- and all of them do-- the guitars smear and the vocals can be a blur. But then you catch the stellar bass lines (by both Gregoire and Garbus), the groovy shimmy of 'Desolation', and the jazz/reggae rhythm and psychotic lyrics of 'American'. The three-part harmonies are brash but complex, and Dann’s drum parts are relentlessly fascinating. And Garbus sports a uke, but she never treats it gently: The amplification makes it an aggressive lead instrument, and it also sounds great bowed, as on 'Longlegs'."



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Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (2009)

'Edit': fffffffffffffffffff 'turns out' this has been 'posted' before. Whatever I'm 'leaving' it here anyway because the 'other one' DIDN'T HAVE A FUCKING ARTIST 'TAG'.

Fever Ray - Stranger Than Kindness / Here Before (2009)

fever ray's new limited tour 7" includes 2 covers, stranger than kindness (originally by nick cave and anita lane) and here before (originally by vashti bunyan). expect the usual karin greatness.

Wavves - Mickey Mouse (2009)

this is a bit old (2 months maybe?) but i just got it on v0 so i'm posting for yall. the most untalented douchebag in the music business is back with a new track from what will likely be his 3rd album. this time he's trying to capitalize on animal collective's sound and obv it's fucking shit. maybe a bit less shitty than his previous releases tho. also, i'm not sure whyi i'm posting this so whatever.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses (2003)

Got into these guys when I was first starting to really listen to music. Now, years later, I started listening to them again. While not as enjoyable as back in my scene days, I find this album to be superb in many ways. TNTLLY is not at all like other bands of their genre. Their music is much more technical and has much more variation. At points they're screamo, at others they are more rock, but usually somewhere in between. This band produces some crazy music, and I had the experience of seeing them live which was incredible to speak lightly. They are a very talented band and I think many of you would enjoy them. I recommend this album.




Washed Out - High Times (2009)

more chillwave for you bros. here's washed out's new release, a cassette limited to 200 copies. this rip was approved by what.cd's staff so rip quality is fine, the lo-fi sound of the songs is part of the experience. get this and get ready for some chillaxation.

Mountains Became Machines - Paths (2007)

Formed in late 2006, Mountains Became Machines
are a progressive metal four piece.
Their sound incorporates many different musical styles ranging from Ambient to Metal, as well as carrying conceptual themes throughout their tracks.

that was from last.fm because i'm too lazy to write a description right now. it's p. good post metal though. also, their bassist is named Woody Harrelson hahahaha.

Download & Comment

Chicks on Speed - Super Surfer Girl (2008)

this single was released by chicks on speed on december 2008. here's what they say on the CoS records website: "the Chicks created the song Super Surfer Girl, as an anthem for surf babes the world over, poking fun at feminist theory, and yet, empowering and encouraging young women to take their destiny into their own hands. Super Surfer Girl is WALL OF SOUND and the love of kitch combined into a celebration of beach and rough surf culture".

actually it's just a song to advertise a line of clothing they released late last year. funny how "art" works. the song is what would've happened if the beach boys were crazy artsy girls with synthesizers so it's interesting, check it out.

PS. i have a comp from CoS records called "girl monster", it's 3 CDs of bands similar to CoS, le tigre, lesbians on ecstasy, delta 5, etc. anyone interested in me uploading? since not that many people got the hacienda classics comp (which is one of the best things on the blog (not kidding) ) because it was 3 CDs i'm not sure if i should upload this one. leave a comment.

The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips (1984)

The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips (1984)

According to most of their fans, the Flaming Lips did not exist before 1997. Here are a couple of tracks from their last three albums, from the last seven days:

Meanwhile, this EP has had 160 listeners. Ever. Mind you, it is definitely not their best work, but it's a worthwhile artifact of their very earliest iteration. At its best, the EP sounds strikingly similar to The Birthday Party or Scratch Acid. In fact, they sound like the kind of badasses who would beat the living shit out of the Flaming Lips we know today, with their crowd surfing bubbles and elaborate light shows and psychedelic vaginas. Anyway, it's five songs. If you like the Lips, it will be of interest. If you hate the Lips, you might really like this.


Bat For Lashes - Pearl's Dream (2009)

my waifu's second single from her sophomore album two suns, posting a couple of months late cause i couldn't find it anywhere. includes the album version, the cenzo townshend remix (who again makes a great job) a sleep alone remix, and two live songs.

Various - 5 Years Of Hyperdub (2009)

Various - 5 Years Of Hyperdub (2009)

If you're into electronic dance music even in the slightest bit, you've probably heard about dubstep one way or another. This fairly young genre has already branched into a plethora of subgenres all with their own signature style and Hyperdub has been one of the labels that have pushed the limits of this genre to the max with their own special blend of dub, syncopated beats, wobbles, instrumental hip-hop and all sorts of sonic wizardry. For their 5th anniversary they released a 2CD compilation, the 1st CD consists of brand new joints by their all-star roster with the likes of Kode9, Flying Lotus, Joker, Samiyam, Zomby, Ikonika, Quarta330, etc. The 2nd CD consists of songs from the label's back catalogue, some of which are already considered as classics in the scene. If you've recently gotten into dubstep, this compilation is a good place to start as you will get not only well-established classics, but future classics as well. Big up to Hyperdub!

big ups to homie you_are_a_noise for the
download links in 320kbps for all you audiophiles


"Jesus Christ." (the indie band) - Is This Really What You Want? (2009)

first mp3 leak from this new highly bloggable indie band formed by HRO's carles and novelist/poet tao lin, author of shoplifting from american apparel.

Jesu - Opiate Sun (2009)

new jesu. and it's....well, ok. people who haven't listened to a lot of jesu will like this way more than those who've been listening to this faggot for years now. it's not bad, but it's nothing great either, while listening to it i kind of forgot about it a couple of times. but hey, maybe that's just me and you'll love it. one way to find out.

PS. i haven't been posting lately because seems like music is dead right now and i don't care enough to post old stuff i love, sorry. hope this changes soon tho.

Mike Patton & The Metropole Orchestra - Mondo Cane (2008)

You're probably thinking, "wait, this isn't supposed to come out for a few more months!" Actually, no one is thinking that, but moving on: this is not the upcoming Mondo Cane album by Mike Patton (and that is not the album art above this post). This is a relatively high-quality audio bootleg of a show from 2008 that, to my ears, sounds great. The music itself is old Italian pop music, as performed by Patton and an orchestra. Great, wacky fun.

Negativland - Escape From Noise (1980)

Negativland - Escape From Noise (1980)

"When the universe ends, it will sound like Escape From Noise. You and I and perhaps the human race will almost certainly been long wiped from the face of existence, but were we there to see the stars that dazzled our sky dissolving, to see planets shattered to dust and spectacular nebulae strand limply apart, we might comment that it all seems vaguely familiar, that somehow we have been readied for this moment. In the very dying seconds of time, you will hear a voice croon, "Yellow and Black And Rectangular", and you will know you can have no regrets for existence. The very function of the universe has been satisfied, its goal attained. We have the perfect artistic artifact, immutable and unable to be erased now it has been created. What else is there to accomplish? The closing of the universal curtain is nothing in scope or beauty, compared to Escape From Noise.

The album is both galactic in ambition and atomic in focus. Everything Escape From Noise is made of, every aching note and crooned lyric, seemed trained on a single instantaneous emotion, not even fully expressed but only felt in a fraction of a second. What causes this brief but aching chasm of emotion we are left to guess. Perhaps it has no impetus; perhaps it is the moment of our birth, or the birth of the universe itself. What we do know is that this moment leaves behind an entire hour of rhapsodic decay, as the energies unleashed with agonizing glory conflict, detonate and annihilate with one another, eventually reaching a worn and fragile equilibrium, an equilibrium that acknowledges its own position at the periphery of existence, on the verge of petering out to nothing altogether, and leaving no trace of the spectacular atrocity that has just taken place. Negativland stops the camera before this dissolution, capturing the penultimate stage of art before it becomes synonymous with void. In doing so, they carve an eternal, immutable relic to the whole, grand, awful affair that just transpired, and passed the beauty on to us to behold.

Instruments slide in and out of concert throughout Escape From Noise, and by the fifth or sixth track you will not sure which elates or terrifies you more. When rolling through the same groove, the disparate musical elements gain a frightening, ferocious energy. They ring like death knells, or like the harmony of an oncoming tsunami, improbably large, beautiful and terminal both to itself and you, the spectator. You might fear for the safety of your headphones, or your soul. As the notes begin to slide apart, rip at the seams and hold, briefly, before unfurling with the same energy, you will find yourself in the rapture of mayhem and at the same time hoping it will stop. Negativland's power, even at its most dissonant and fractured, is almost too great, too majestic and mind rending to stand. The clashes of notes, like two fires each trying to consume the other, slides effortlessly back into harmony, and you are left wondering exactly what it is you just heard. The intensity takes a delicate course, and every second you will fear the band will go awry, misplacing one note, one sound, one silence for too long and the entire album will be desecrated. It never happens. The frailty of their majesty is matched only by the ease with which they seem to preserve it from harm. It is delicate and exhausted, but also roaring with a raw, elemental energy of the very stars. If there is one suitable relic to the human race, it is Escape From Noise."

Converge - Axe To Fall (2009)

Axe To Fall was self-produced by Kurt Ballou (Jane Doe, You Fail Me, Torche's Meanderthal). Packed full of guest musicians (Genghis Tron, The Red Chord, Cave In, Blacklisted).

Definitely not an album to be missed. Axe To Fall will be released on October 20th.

The Safety Fire - Sections (2009)


The Safety Fire take to the stage in a maelstrom of arms, guitars and well-conditioned hair. The Sections EP is a twenty minute glimpse into the multi-faceted style they have created; merging the complex and technical nature of progressive and poly-rhythmic metal, with expansive atmospheres and soaring melodies.

The EP also features guest solos from Martin Goulding (Linear Sphere) and Pin (Sikth) on the title track. The EP will be exclusively released on itunes on 5/10/09.