Howlies - Trippin' With Howlies (2009)

howlies is a band that takes a fresh approach on the surf rock and doo-woop music. this is their first full length, and to be quite is honest is a pretty strong one for a band like this. very polished sound makes the album very great for listening to with headphones, and of course the music is something to listen to. go ahead, take it.

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  1. Amanda says:

    This is just my favorite kind of music. I do hope the second band member from the left finds his pants, however. Maybe the entire album is for the journey of his lost pants, but I somehow doubt it.

  2. Nhihgare says:

    Man you always bring something different to the table. Thanks for the expansion of the mind.

  3. ahh, really like this, really it

  4. dantelop says:

    Thanks for all your kind words. :)

  5. ribs says:

    This album is fantastic!

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