Ike - Bello (2013)

fun, witty, and deliciously proficient, ike have put out a great EP called bello. self described as electric rock, i'd say that they have hit the nail on the head; the production is clean and jarringly similar to that of most new-age anf fusion jazz releases i.e. get this shit now. it needs to be heard. will definitely be watching these folks to see what they do in times to come.

Haunted Leather - Red Road (2013)

it seems like this is going to be the official (as 2012 was just a prep) year that psych rock comes back at full force. haunted leather have put out a stunning, albeit lo-fi, collection of seven electrifying songs. their small label stolen body records will be putting out a limited, 250 copy european release of their record this april.

Bruce Peninsula - Bruce Trail Fire Sale (2011)

Gave these guys some love a long while back, and this recording is old news, but if you haven't heard it yet, dig into Bruce Trail Fire Sale.

Hands down my favourite band in Toronto, this is a short EP soaked in their signature minor keys, gorgeous vocals, and beautifully textured production value, though a little lighter and less raucous than their full albums. A particularly beautiful track is the ever-Canadian tribute to Loudon Wainwright III and company, in the form of a cover of Swimming Song.

Enjoy a preview below, and stream and purchase the whole thing here.

Video Highlight: The Aprons (2013)

israelite female duo the aprons have come out with a wonderful video that perfectly accompanies the haunting fragility of their dark, dream-pop music, featured here in the first installment of our video highlights. 

want to share a video of yours? email us at:

Dilly Dally - Candy Mountain (2012)

And in other news of amazing things happening in Toronto, these guys are some of my all-time favourites.

Great lyrics, moody melodies and dynamically huge, washed in reverb and moaned and hummed by a lady with a killer voice.

Their next full record is coming very soon, but in the meantime, you can listen up and check in here.

Prince Nifty - Vox News Double Double Dose (2012)

Saw this guy live the other night, and he's doing some really fantastic things. Also a member of Owen Pallett's live set, his stuff is self-tagged as "weird everything folk soul" - I hear it as a glitchy, rhythmic, laid back but still biting, with distorted vocals and serious catch.

Name your price, and look for more stuff, here.


Apologies. This is not an album download (oh how I wish it were), but I promise you'll love it.

Okay, so first, music:

This is the new project of  Martin Molin, who you might know from his legendary folktronica trio Detektivbyrån.  - Corrected!
This new project is called Wintergatan, and while it has many of the melodic and whistful ideas of Detektivbyrån, it uses them in a much more proggy way. I'm reminded of fnessnej (link leads to an old post of mine about them, which may or may not have a working download link), with echoes of Mum.
I'm eagerly awaiting for the release of this album.

Note to fellow posters: if what you're posting is
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b. is a classic album that everyone knows (or should know) about

then reconsider posting it here. This site has so much potential for eye-opening deep-cuts, so let's try to maintain some quality.

Much love.

Hair Police - Mercurial Rites (2013)

The punk attitude is one that transcends genres. It's a state of mind that works its way into the thoughts of artists of all flags, showing itself through many different media. It manifests itself as a desire to stand out, and to declare a righteous "fuck you" to everyone who cares. Hair Police, while obviously noise makers and a long cry from "punk" music, bleed this attitude through their amplifiers and screamed vocals. Harsh, metallic drones and muffled clangs, sourced from lord-knows-what, create an almost terrifying atmosphere, devoid of any hope or warmth. Feedback and distorted shouts tunnel their way through the madness, but the album avoids devolving into a mush of indistinct hum. Each outburst of noise, whether it be the wail of a guitar or the screech of a synth, is a distinct sonic statement, declaring that Hair Police are putting everything in the forefront, and holding nothing back.

Ben Vida - Esstends - Esstends - Esstends (2012)

Exploration of timbres in music has been prevalent in experimental music throughout history, but with the advent of computers, the exploratory gear gained unimaginable possibilities. Any sound could be recorded and screwed around with to pieces, and digital synthesizers (and analog, for that matter) could be tweaked and tuned to anyone's most perverted desire. Ben Vida, a resident of the excellent PAN label, takes these concepts to heart with his most recent outing. Sampled and destroyed sounds are programmed to maximum psychedelic potency, and synths are used to a high potential. On the droning "zizzlerz," many different pitches shift slowly to form new chords and harmonies, pulling you along their slow journey to new contrasts and consonances. Other times, tones grow from earth shaking (and barely audible) rumbles to piercing, airy highs, surrounded by and included within original and unique composition and production. Super recommendation coming through.