Alfred Schnittke - Requiem (1975)

i've been meaning to post some more Schnittke for a while; judging by the downloads, the Concerto Grosso piqued some interest... or those tricky Russians got a-hold of the internet again.

it's Sunday, so here's his incredible Requiem "mass", written for mixed chorus and organ primarily, but also a smattering of chamber instruments, from kit percussion and celesta to electric bass/guitar and the odd solo brass. a from-the-top listen is best, but there are a lot of standout tester tracks, like the heavenly, melismatic Sanctus and the downright apocalyptic Tuba Mirum, the latter of which is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music. there's not much overt genre-mashing going on, just 32:04 of fucking rad (and listener friendly!) music from the ragged edge of Schnittke's unique brand of tonality.

fanboy status is assured

Bomb the Music Industry! - whatever you want i guess (2005-2010)

you might have checked them out before or you might think they are dumb but just listen to them again seriously i really like this band right now, esp. the albums 'scrambles' and 'adults...' get those and everything else it's all free from the band because that is how chill they are. it's like punk but not punk and indie but not indie and not ska and stuff, you'll like it.


Not the greatest band name in the world, but this is some serious sludge/doom metal from Denver. Excellent playing & fantastic recording quality. For fans of Torche/Kylesa/Storm of Light/old Baroness type of stuff.


Musica Elettronica Viva - Leave The City (2002)

2002 reissue of a 1970 release by the Parisien cell of pioneering avant-garde collective Musica Elettronica Viva. i know modern avant shit is mostly garbage or 1-listen albums that rot in some forgotten corner of your hard drive, but this is actually replay-friendly music. side A begins with ethnic percussion languishing over a drone before gradually expanding to a sequence of chant that sounds like it was recorded in a Buddhist temple run by Brian Wilson. the less i say about the amazing side B, the better; if you can make it through the first 15 minutes of primitive noise and snatches of unsettling spoken word, you're in for a treat.

we are on the edge of destruction

great May 2009 Artforum article on MEV:
learn some shit

I Am Above on the Left - Self Titled (2005)

I Am Above on the Left was just a one year old avant-rock group in Russia, back in 2005.The (then) quartet performed a structured noise-rock/jazzcore/avant-prog sound with occasional minimalism/sound-scaping post-rock. The artists claim they devote their efforts to "rethinking themselves at every single moment of time", in other words, they're bipolar.

Celestia - Archaenae Perfectii (2010)

new album from celestia. i know them because some guy from mortifera is/was on celestia (it could even be both are the same guy) and they have something to do with neige (alcest/amesouers) but i'm not sure. anyway, this is a great album, not blackwave but it has a bit more of a rock feel than most current black metal. all the songs have black metal-er titles than ALL of current black metal too. highly recommended.

Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats (2010)

Patagonian Rats is the second full length EP from the Cali based math rock trio, Tera Melos.
They've always been known for their psychadelic math rock/instrumental post rock, but they've changed their sound up a little. Singing is one of the groups strong points now, as well as bigger lean toward the post rock influence. They do have some tracks that stand out from the rest (see; Another Surf), but the whole album is delicious anyway.

Morrissey - Live at KROQ (1991)

Morrissey - Live at KROQ (1991)

only 'ep' ever released by solo morrissey. it's actually really just a single but at the end of the last track (also the best track, a different version of sing your life which is waaaay better than the normal) there's like 10 minutes of people calling in to kroq about how much they love morrissey etc, it's pretty interesting.

Various Artists - The Very Best of Ethiopiques (2007)

'Ethiopiques' is a compilation series, with each album featuring tracks released during the 60s and 70s in Ethiopia - this double-album is considered to be the very best of these tracks.

To call it jazz is misleading, to call it Ethiopian is vague; minor melodies, haunting horns, syncopated beats and gritty shouts and screams are some of what you can expect.

Groove motherfuckers

The Living Sisters - Love to Live (2010)

look at that cover; you know this is some twee shit. not usually my thing, but i saw these ladies open up an acoustic set by X in Los Feliz a couple of months ago, and they absolutely killed it. it's like Jolie Holland (or Patsy Cline?) cloned herself a couple times and put together a rich, harmony-filled, country-folk album. the arrangements and production are warm and transparent, and these chicks have serious chops (one is the director of the L.A. Ladies Choir). a lovely and super sweet album; great Sunday afternoon music for that sunsplashed drive to IKEA, or wallowing in ironic self-pity.

pick me up some meatballs

Watain - Lawless Darkness (2010)

it's been ages since i posted any black metal and this is a good album to start doing it again. i read people call this "orthodox black metal" hahaha.

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (2010)

this album is nothing but brutally awesome psychedelic rock with classic rock influences and motherfucker look at that cover! i don't even need to say more, get this right now it might end up being on every best of 2010 list ever.

link removed by request. buy this album when it comes out it's really AWESOME.

watch this awesome video they made for the awesome lead single.

PS. radian hearts sounds like nick cave and the bad seeds and that's AWESOME.

k-os - The Anchorman Mixtape (2010)

dude yesterday i got that drake mixtape hoping the kid had finally made something worth listening and it turned out to be complete shit, couldn't go past track 3. i was disappointed as fuck, not because i wanted drake to be good but because i felt like listening to new hip-hop. then early today i found out canadian rapper k-os released a new mixtape and i got extremely excited since i like what he does quite a bit. i'm still listening to it while i type this and god this is fucking GOOD. i already love a couple tracks off it and overall it's really good. one track samples phantogram and it sounds awesome. highly recommended.

Black Bear - The Cinnamon Phase (2006)

This is Black Bear's first and only release at the moment. The music he makes is a geeky sort of amalgam of conventional indie electronic and what people are calling lo-fi indie these days. What stands out to me most about his music is his lyrics. At times they are quirky and sing-songy. At times they are overly-romantic (relationships, blech). At times they are conceptual and a bit less superficial. The lyric styles vary from song to song, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your mind for music. I think it's a pretty cool album, and is definitely worth checking out.

The black bear has it figured out and gets what he deserves.
And the fur that he is wearing is the fur that he prefers.



Various Artists - Como Now (2008)

Como, a small town in the heart of Mississippi, is a place where gospel lives and breathes. This album, a collection of acapella gospel standards, is the result of inviting local singers to record sessions at a rustic church: what ensues is a soul-stirring, haunting collection of voices, steeped in tradition and heavy in passion.

If church sounded like this, I'd never leave.

Maps & Atlases - Perch Patchwork (2010)


Perch Patchwork is M&A's most universal record yet. They play an almost psychedelic form of toe tapping mathfolk. Davison's vocal range is as wide and distinct as it always is. The guitars are still progressive, but much less technical than You Me, and The Mountain but they still have a magic way of tapping the neck. Catchy, sexy, awesome.

Ra Ra Riot - The Orchard (2010)

i don't usually listen to this kind of music but i like these guys ever since i got a couple of singles and EPs last year during a waffles freeleech and they just released a new and quite good album. it's indie rock that brings nothing new to a shitty genre that never brought anything new to music in the first place but still an album worth having in your collection for those times when you feel like listening to poppy mindie and you just refuse to get a vampire weekend album.

9 Planets - Complete Discography (2010)

9 Planets - Complete Discography (2010)

9 Planets is an unsigned Canadian dude who specializes in analog-based lo-fi beat production. Nothing about his sound is clean and he isn't trying to create the next club banger. These are just essential beats. Think Samiyam but even less-polished. Yes, the Nintendo sounds are here; one of the beat tapes is even titled NINTENDO vs SEGA. Spacey, dirty and to the point. It's a pretty hefty download, 261 MB of music. Everything up until January 2010 about.

devonwho - keepthafunkalive (2010)

Dublin's All City crew delivers the goods once again with Keepthafunkalive, a new EP from electronic beat maker devonwho. A great piece of soi-disant mystical blither. Switching up his style a bit, this one has that modern funk vibe to it. Check it.

Philip Glass/Robert Wilson - Einstein on the Beach (1979)

This is a bizarre and relentless opera-as the surreal title implies, more dream than drama. The first train episode, over 20 minutes long, remains mind-blowing in its relentlessness. The impact is heightened by the vividness of the recording, with spoken voices in particular given such presence that they startled me as if someone had burst into the room. The vision remains an odd one, but with a formidable group of vocalists and instrumentalists brilliantly directed, often from the keyboard, by Michael Riesman, the recording certainly justifies itself.

An opera in 4 parts for ensemble chorus soloists. The so called knee play of this much spoken about opera serves as a recurring motive throughout the piece reaching its emotional apex in the second half of knee play 5 with its lovely violin piece and transcendent poetry embellishing all that is true in the human heart.

Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo (2004)

[will upload higher bitrate if requested.]

I never considered myself a fan of screamo. Thrash metal, maybe. Grindcore, on occasion. Circle Takes The Square made me love all of them, together at least. They take one part Pg. 99, stir in some City of Caterpillar, and add a female for awesome duet singing/skramz which fills in more than you'd think. As the Roots Undo will hit you with a br00tal Pig Destroyer verse and follow up with a sing-a-long. They're so dynamic, you might call them post-rock.

Your friends will envy your new pretentious music!

Nero Tribute (2006-2010)

Nero Tribute (2006-2010)

Damn, I'm taking a break from posting wobbles for a few weeks.

When someone I know is interested in dubstep, I usually tell them to look up remixes of songs they like. Ease them into the water rather than push them off the diving board. You probably won't find Nero remixing your favorite songs, rather Nero's remixes will be your favorite songs. This tribute follows them through a lot of different stages. Their early music which was dirtier than a turd in the kiddy pool, as they progressed they developed a 'drumstep' sound with a faster dnb like tempo, and eventually found a perfect medium.

<--0:30 best. drop. ever.

Balam Acab - See Birds EP (2010)

one of the first non-witch house acts to be associated with witch house finally releases their debut EP on tri angle records, that dude from 20 jazz funk greats' label. balam acab got most of his hype thanks to being called witch house but the music has little to do with that scene, if anything. it's chill electronic music not too poppy and not too dark, similar at some points to chillwave and dubstep but still different, rather enjoyable and perfect for a road trip.

Coyote Clean Up - Downhill Exxxpress (2010)

ice cold crissy is a minor one man buzz band buzzing online and around detroit. his music is quite chill and pretty and lives up to the hype it has. i mostly know him from remixes and mixtapes but now here's a full album of his music, enjoy it these last days of summer.

Mission of Burma - The Horrible Truth About Burma (2008)

i always lump Mission of Burma in with Wire as the 2 greatest art punk bands that everyone's heard of and nobody listens to. this is a 2008 reissue of the 1984 disc chronicling their (first) final tour. besides early singles like "Peking Spring" and "Dumbbells," they run through Stooges and Pere Ubu covers as well as Burma classics like "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" and "Weatherbox," featuring original sound manipulator Martin Swope in his only live recording with the band. if it sounds like they're playing to 4 or 5 people, it's because they were. the good news is you can make up for the sins of previous generations by catching them on tour again this go-round. they still kick tremendous ass and are always willing to prove that they're the best band to ever come out of the great city of Boston, MA. yup.

we're on the edge of Burma

Com Truise - Pyragony (2010)

Com Truise - Pyragony (2010)

If Kraftwerk got a little more thuggish with their production and Joy Division sat down at computers to make their music, then that project had a baby in the 80′s, it would be called Com Truise. [all of that description is a good thing] The man just shoots out hits. Pyragony touches what recent synth pop artists can’t even grasp at, that flowing 80s FULL sound!

Food for Animals - Belly (2007)


I don't know much about hiphop, and I know a lot less about noise, but I know Food for Animals is most definitely different than most groups today. They mash noise, breakcore, dubstep, shitgaze, and techno together and spit over it. It's like Crystal Castles, with out the whore. It's also hard as fuck. Enjoy.


I‌s‌i‌s - M‌o‌s‌q‌uito C‌ont‌rol EP (1998)

M‌‌os‌qu‌it‌o con‌tr‌ol is the first release from I‌si‌s. Like most other albums by I‌si‌s, this is largely a concept album. If you have any preconceived notions of I‌si‌s on the basis of their current material, toss them aside as this EP is entirely different from what they are doing now. M‌osq‌uito Co‌nt‌rol is a great example of what sludge should resemble- hypnotizing, caustic riffs working in harmony with an equally entrancing drum pattern and intrusively poignant vocals. Unfortunately, this EP is only 4 tracks long. I really would have preferred it to be a full length. The following release, R‌e‌d S‌e‌a, is continued with the same basic style, although different concepts. Anyway, this is a really good release and it should be in every sludge fan's collection.

L‌ife un‌der the sw‌att‌er! Never turn your back, never close your eyes!



Ween - The Mollusk (1997)

Ween - The Mollusk (1997)

One of the primary factors in determining an album’s greatness is evident in how well it ages. How does it hold up to repeated listens? In observance of this standard, The Mollusk is a great album. After the silliness wears off, the musicality of the songs remains engaging, inventive and fun to listen to. As of 2010, Ween has released nine LPs and various live albums and compilations, if you are not familiar with their work and are interested in seeing the ‘Brown’ side of the world, The Mollusk is a great place to start.

Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003)

Rock + Classical... The only band to boast a rehearsal schedule of 6 hours, minimum! If you need to tune the world out or embrace the rays of the sun in a poetic manner, this album is for you. Just lay around and think about life. Do it.

Flanger - Outer Space/Inner Space (2001)

Flanger - Outer Space/Inner Space (2001)

It's ja-a-a-a-zz folks, but not as we know it. How could it be when it's Burnt Friedman and Atom™ setting the controls for the dyslexic heart of the dark side of the moon?

Agents from a more distant future, Flanger echo JG Ballard, pondering the question "Which way to inner space?". Kubrick's vision of 2001 showed us that the quest for space exploration is, of course, underpinned by an inner journey. Flanger pose in silver space suits for the cover art, recalling the anecdote about Salvador Dali, who donned a diver's suit to deliver a lecture, and nearly suffocated. As a playful apparition of an alternate future, it sure beats all those laptop clicks, eh?

But more seriously, Flanger is the piss-take version of the Compost Records thing – Germans with samplers appropriating jazz. Not only do Burnt Friedman (Drome, Nonplace Urban Field) and Uwe Schmidt (Atom(tm)) do their wanking while wearing smirks – humor being a very rare commodity among Teutonic jazzbos – they don’t shy away from the conceptual implications of what they do either (pontificating is another no-no for cool studio cats). The liner notes, for instance, claim that the title is inspired by a J.G. Ballard essay, and offer a rambling, half-bullshit/half-on-to-something critical analysis of the album’s music in a marvelous spoof of real jazz sleeve commentary.


One of my favorite artists of all time, I've been listening to Justin K. Broadrick's music since the early 90's (yes I'm a bit older).

"Pale Sketches" by Jesu was originally released in 2007 - a collection of rare/b-side type tracks going back to 2000. Apparently a lot of Jesu fans were upset by the heavy use of electronics on it, but for most longtime fans, it was no surprise. So he decided to remix & re-release the album under a new moniker "Pale Sketcher", which he says he will now use for all his more "electronic" releases, and keep all the guitar based stuff under the name "Jesu".

Some dark & dreamy electronic music. If you are already a fan of his work, you will definitely enjoy this.

Buy the single

Dear M(r/s) Record Label Rep,

I don't really understand how some can skip over this, but I've had 3 people email me with requests this week, without knowing what this blog was for.

We Fucking Love Music is (last I checked) a blog about freely distributing music. That means, we have the album on a DDL, available for download for anyone and everyone who reads this weblog. We welcome record labels, and artists to send in their music, but barely any of them get posted.
I don't speak for my fellow writers when I say this, but I'm sure they'll agree with me.

I will not post your request because:
1. I may not come out and say it, but it sounds like shit. Sorry.
2. You want me to freely advertise, instead of post a link to it.
3. You ask me to review it, without offering a copy / deny approval of uploading.
4. You ask me to post your biased review.

I will post your request because:
1. I like the music / can see how other could like it.
2. You give me your approval to post it. Not like I need it anyway.

Ratatat - Classics (2006)


Classics in one word: Triumphant.

Probably my favorite from the Ratatat discography, and the only one that needs more attention. Although it's subtle, it will grab you like their self titled. I wish I could make a few recommendations, but honestly, the whole album is great.

Evenings - North Dorm EP (2010)

20 year old Nathan Broaddus has come up with perfect Sunday afternoon music and the name of his musical act, Evenings couldn’t be more descriptive of the sound. He says he recorded and produced everything from his dorm room at UVA last winter (hence the name of his EP North Dorm).

"Babe" from Evenings on Vimeo.

Kronos Quartet - Black Angels (1999)

this is one of the first albums that got me interested in modern composition. as you can probably guess, the theme here is DEATH, and the music is decidedly dark and evil throughout. despite the excellent middle 3 pieces, the 2 showstoppers here are George Crumb's Black Angels and Mitia Shostakovich's 8th String Quartet. the first employs razor-sharp electric instruments and just about every conceivable modern string technique, while the latter is undoubtedly in the top 5 of all 20th century string quartets: written in Dresden in 3 days (!), unashamedly tonal and yet decidedly heart-wrenching (dedicated to the victims of "fascism and war", yet really his own epitaph as he planned on committing suicide around this time) and alien. the 2nd mov't (track 8) is singlehandedly responsible for my near absolute disdain of all things metal, and your litmus test for this disc; few things rock harder and raw-er. this is dark, nasty, scary, aggressive, across-for-the-hospital-down-for-the-morgue music.

please be careful, track 1 is a doozy

v/a - shitty mixtape i made

i made this for my friend who doesn't really 'know music', it's some pretty mainstream chillwave and some fun hip hop and some shit that even you guys won't have heard. get it if you want. if you want it in order just import the playlist file, i think it's called udara.txt.

Raleigh Moncrief - Combed Over Chrome EP (2009)

This is a beat-based record that's so tangled up it seems to be perpetually collapsing, but it somehow manages to be expansive; growing more and more ambiguous with each successive track. Glitched out hip-hop? Trans-genred audio collages? We're trying to figure out what context this EP is even attempting to exist in. We gave up. Maybe you should take a stab at it.

Hudson Mohawke and matthewdavid had a baby and named him Raleigh Moncrief. NO JOKE this shit is super dirty.

Caribou - Tour CD 2010 (2010)

caribou is amazing live. i don't really like his albums but his live show is great, go see him. this tour cd includes some tracks not as boring as the ones on that last album i can't even remember the name of and a 40+min mix that makes this worth getting.

Various Artists - Dubstep Allstars Vol. 7 (2009)

[download: cdOne...]-------------[Download: cdTwo...]

This is for you, griebs.
I've listened through a few of these volumes, and the first one to strike a chord was lucky number seven. This compilation featuring well known wobblers; Mount Kimbie, Benga, Untold, Chef, James Blake, Silkie, and Ghost as well as a ton of new faces. All the songs flow together on the album. Some don't come together as elegantly as others, but it makes the transition nice for a compilation with this much variety and content.

Disc 1's wobbles are dirtier than Gandhi's feet, and Disc 2 is a relaxing low tempo mix. I highly recommend you check both side's samples. That's what they're there for.

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

The Innocence Mission - We Walked in Song (2007)

It's thundering here today. So, like many past rainy days, this album is soundtracking my hours. It's soothing, easing, lush - if music were food, this would most definitely be chicken soup.

Who needs a lullaby?