Man or Astro-Man? - Destroy all Astromen! (1994)

what the fuck is this bullshit, no posts today? fuck that. man or astro-man? is one of the best surf survival groups out there. with a career now spanning more than a decade, they have released various material, but almost none of it compares to this somewhat compilation of an album. download it, bitches.

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  1. ribs says:

    fantastic band-fantastic album. I recommend that anyone who hasn't seem them live-catch them if you can, they're going back out on tour soon

  2. nick says:

    downloading this for the cover alone.

  3. Brunão says:

    They reunited, did you know?

  4. Griff says:

    love nontraditional surf rock, thanks much

  5. Murphey says:

    The MST3K theme song cover in the middle gave me such a smile, thanks for the upload, I loved listening to it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, this shit rocks. Never really been into surf-rock before but for some reason I cannot stop listening.
    Thanks for the up, dood.

  7. Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!

    Great band!!

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