Rabia Sorda - Radio Paranoia (2009)

get it if you like: hocico, the faint, skinny puppy.

rabia sorda is the solo project from hocico's singer, erk. this is his new single, radio paranoia, the song has a dark mood similar to hocico's earlier releases and at the same time a club friendly/80s revival sound to it, the chorus is fucking catchy as hell and the synths are amazing. it's like the faint meets skinny puppy and one of the best electro singles i've heard in a long long time.

edit: oh yeah, includes remixes by din [a] tod, and some other bands plus some other songs and remixes.


Brenda Hutchinson & Clive Smith - Liquid Sky (1983)

Remember way back when I uploaded that Soundtrack and said it was part of a set? Well yeah, I did mean it, I just forgot for a long time. I'm sure you didn't notice.

Liquid Sky was unconventional in many ways, but the soundtrack stood out even against the film's bizarre plot and decor. Composed using the Fairlight CMI, the first digital sampler / synthesizer, the soundtrack is a mix of reinterpretations of Classical themes à la Wendy Carlos, and completely dissonant, alien-sounding ambient pieces. Oh, and a few march themes. The soundtrack has been name-dropped by a lot of electonic artists as a major influence. Listen to Fashion Show and Me And My Rhythm Box especially if you want to know where like 70% of modern electronic music got its indirect inspiration.


You Say Party! We Say Die! - Danskwad (2004)

get it if you like: le tigre, the sounds, thunderbirds are now!

debut EP from canadian dance-punk band you say party! we say die!. this was self-released and limited to 400 copies back in 2004.


Xploding Plastix - Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents (2001)

My sincerest apologies for my month long absence! I hope that no one was upset (and that no one noticed). Anyhoo, here's some delicious jazz/electronica from the country that brought you Jaga Jazzist. But unlike, say," A Livingroom Hush," Amateur Girlfriends..." focuses less on groovy beats and mellow horns in favor of upbeat piano and strings accompanied by frenetic (and incredibly varied) percussion. Very, very enjoyable.

Mew - Introducing Palace Players (2009)

denmark's mew are finally back this year after 4 long long years without releasing shit with a new album with a fucking long title: no more stories are told today i'm sorry they washed away no more stories the world is grey i'm tired let's wash away. introducing palace players is the first single from the new album and it's kind of weird but gets amazing after a couple of listens, i'm pretty excited to hear the whole album. this is just the single track btw, no single release with b-sides yet, enjoy.


DJ Signify - Signifyin' Breaks (1996)

Amazing turntabalist from Brooklyn. A lot of slow, gloomy beats, but still an album you can throw on at a party (which I would highly reccomend.) If you're into something like Peanut Butter Wolf, I'd advise that you give this some attention. One of my favorite albums to throw on and relax to.


Pictureplane - Slit Red Bird Throat (2008)

You might recognize the name Pictureplane because he remixes HEALTH all the time. Let me tell you, whatever of that stuff you've heard, is nothing compared to this. I loved this album to death, from the first few seconds of the first track. It's bizarre and surprising, but at the same time every note feels exactly right, as if it was always meant to be. I got that spine-tingling rush of euphoria that makes wading through all the other lo-fi indie electronic garbage worth it. I love this. So much.

Similar: Astrobrite, The Mae Shi, Future Islands, (Sigh) Wavves


The Ghost Frequency - Never Before Have I Seen a Man Alive that Looks So Exactly Like a Skeleton (2007)

get it if you like: late of the pier, does it offend you, yeah?, hadouken!

nu rave band from england, they broke up i don't know why or when. i like this song and found the single in an old dvd so i thought i'd share it.


The Vandelles - Del Black Aloha (2009)

get it if you like: the raveonettes, the december sound, astrobrite.

del black aloha is a noise rock, raveonettes/december sound-ish darker surf, noisy shoegaze album from NYC's the vandelles. i have to be honest, i don't like this band as much as the raveonettes or the december sound but it's still pretty cool and i don't really know many bands with this sound, so that's a bonus for them. plus i like the album's title quite a bit, dunno why. definitely worht checking out.


Lesbians on Ecstasy - We Know You Know (2007)

As you might have picked up from the name, the Lesbians on Ecstasy are the politically charged, foul mouthed frontwomen of the CyberGrrrl movement. The Lesbians are still in love edgy synthesizers and subversive lyrics, but the album has a few surprises as well. While they usually shout obscenities at you over aggressive synths and rampaging drum machines, sometimes they sing obscenities at you over light, acoustic guitar. And there's one song where they shout obscenities at you so fast, the obscenities become a kind of gargly, droney instrument unto their own.

Kind Of Like: Peaches, Chicks on Speed (Hurr), Liz Phair singing over an Ed Banger Release (any of them).

Add N To (X) - Add Insult To Injury (2000) / Loud Like Nature (2002)

Sorry they took so long. If you've stuck with N+(X) so far, get these to round out your discography. They're both very good. Sides A and B of Insult To Injury were composed completely independently by the two creative powerhouses in the band, Barry 7 and Ann Shenton. Loud Like Nature is a radical departure for the band, in that it's straightforward electronic rock music.

pandoras.box - Barriers (2009)

yet another band requesting to post their album on the blog. these guys are german too and tbh i haven't listened to this album yet, i'm kind of busy today so i'm just posting it along with some links in case you want to know more about them.

download album
download single remix

Collapse Under the Empire - System Breakdown (2009)

get it if you like: lights out asia, té, etc.

another band requesting to post their album on the blog, C.U.T.E (lol) are a couple of guys from germany who, according to their myspace, are "kind of a Post Rock Band. We combine epic guitars with chilled electronic elements and a portion melancholic mood." there you go. always support artists giving their music away for free. except radiohead, fuck them.


Baby Shakes - The First One (2008)

Baby Shakes - The First One (2008)
Sounds like: Vivian Girls done right

Really catchy powerpop by three chicks from Atlanta. I found this while I was looking through artists touring with Hunx and his Punx and Nobunny, so if you're into them you might like this album. Overall it's a pretty solid album, I don't know how well it'll hold up after a few listens, as I've only listened to it once, but I'd recommend checking it out.

Yes Giantess - Tuff N Stuff/You Were Young (2009)

get it if you like: men, women and children, under the influence of giants, head automatica.

yes giantess is a 3 piece indie(ish) pop/disco band from boston and this is their debut double a-side single. two tracks, two singles, one release. they're on the same label as passion pit (sucks but some of you i'm sure like it) and marina and the diamonds (genius, get her single obsession here ), neon gold. good party music for the weekend.


Kid Cudi - A Kid Named Cudi (2008)

get it if you like: kanye west, hip-hop mixtapes.

i've been a bit of a slowpoke with this one, it's like a year old and i just found out about it, it's a mixtape by kid cudi produced by plain pat and emile (you might remember plain pat from the kanye west mixtape i posted a few months back). it's quite a good mixtape, has a very similar mood to kanye's 808s and heatbreak and graduation and it samples songs from outkast, band of horses and ratatat. includes cudi's single day n nite, which is very popular right now it seems.


The Lift Boys - Anarchy Village / Anarchy Way (2005) (BOREDOMS RELATED SO DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY)

I know the last two N+X albums are late. My city has kind of been flooding and stuff. While I upload them, have this EP sent to me by a friend a while back. The Lift Boys is yet another short-lived side project of Yamantaka Eye. He described the two EPs released under that name as "Music for Tribal Gatherings. And also Dancing." Pretty awesome.

Booka Shade - Movements (2006)

get it if you like: ellen allien & apparat, AFX (kind of)

from last.fm: Booka Shade is a German electrohouse duo, made up of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, both described as veterans of the Frankfurt electronic music scene. They have released three albums, memento, Movements and The Sun & The Neon Light.

this is awesome chillaxation music. darko is one awesome track.

cato baja esto.


Vortech - Posthumanism (2009)

get it if you like: anaal nathrakh, anorexia nervosa, genghis tron.

i got this randomly from waffles' metal week (which totally sucked and was fucking stupid btw) and it turned to be one of the best metal records i've listened to in a while, fast brutal metal somewhere between death and black (not blackened death though) with trancy synthlines and haunting atmospheres, some industrial influences a la anaal nathrakh, and deep growls. don't be a pussy and get it.


railcars - cities vs. submarines (2008)

Cities vs. Submarines is described by railcars’ label as “a ten minute journey into Aria C. Jalali’s most vivid, reoccurring dreams. railcars is an attempt to bring the images that have haunted aria’s mind to life using drum boxes, synths, and noise pedals with sentiments recreated in lyrical form.”

This is a very unique and enjoyable EP. I would recommend downloading it.

Similar Artists: Wavves, Satanstompingcaterpillars, Tickley Feather

Download & Comment

Add N To (X) - Avant Hard (1999)

As promised, I am uploading all Add N To (X) today and tomorrow. Thanks to JC for Vero Electronics. Avant Hard is the most unusual and my favorite N+(X) album by far. They blow Black Dice out of the water Oh what I meant to say is Black Dice are still way more awesome than Add N To (X). Go download some Black Dice after this.


My Bloody Valentine - Sunny Sundae Smile [EP] (1987)

This is one of the earliest pieces of work that MBV released, I believe they had 2-3 EP's before this. It's a lot more faster paced than songs on Loveless, with just a slight layer of fuzz, it's not as apparent as it is on their other stuff. I wasn't really into MBV before I heard this, but it's very accessiable and helped me appreciate their other works. It also contains my favorite song by them, Sunny Sundae Smile. If you're a fan of this band, I would highly reccomend checking this out. If you've had trouble getting into Loveless or you just haven't heard anything by them, I'd advise you to check this out aswell.


Add N to (X) - Vero Electronics (1996)

get it if you like: cool weird music, metal machine music, gary numan.

add n to (x)'s debut album from 1996 as requested by tropolist on wflm's last.fm group. weird experimental electronic music, pretty great if you're in the mood, just good if you're not.


Dirty Elegance - Finding Beauty in the Wretched (2007)

get it if you like: saltillo, emancipator.

this was requested on the last.fm group like a month ago and i forgot about it lol. but now here it is sorry for the delay, this is actually a pretty cool album, perfect for chillaxin' times.




"Psychedelic Experimental Universe music. An instrumental concept album about the self, subjective experience, and the future of existence. Full of secrets."

Kids these days... give 'em some salvia and they give you awesome experimental albums with accompanying visuals. No description will speak as eloquently in favor of this album as the music itself.

Available here, free direct download courtesy of the artist and the Internet Archive. This page has a streaming player if you want to try before you... download it for free.

Hollowblue - Stars are Crashing (In My Backyard) (2008)

get it if you like: nick cave and the bad seeds.

another band that sent me their album to post on the blog, hollowblue are from italy and this is their second album, stars are crashing (in my backyard). they sound a bit like UNKLE and ian brown and a lot like nick cave and the bad seeds to me, not that it's a bad thing, they're actually pretty good. get this album since they are giving it away for free and it's good. here are the links they sent me:

download album
download artwork
youtube channel

Babar Commando - Sueños del Rey Elefante EP (2008)

get it if you like: 2mf+v, loli ripe, breakcore, etc..

so this week i got a couple of e-mails from bands asking me to put their album on the blog and i believe this is the best way to get exposure (not this blog specifically, but like giving away your music for free online) so i'm posting as requested. babar commando is some guy from mexico experimenting with breaks, samples, chiptune, etc. so get it if you're into that.


Scissor Shock - Synonym For The Word Decay (2008)

no no i like weird music i am pretty sure it's just that the first guy sampled that pinecone for almost an hour

Kind of Like: ttttttttttttttttttttt covering The Contortions

sir have i wronged you in some way

Say Hi To Your Mom - Oohs & Ahhs (2009)

I'm actually a little surprised that this hasn't shown up on this blog, although it was widely available on many other blogs a couple months ago when it leaked. This is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. This will definitely be in my top list at the end of the year. Some people gave it low ratings, but I can't see why.

I guess they've shortened their name to Say Hi, but it doesn't really matter.

Favorite tracks:
"November Was White, December Was Grey"

So, if you for some reason don't have it, get it here.

Swirlies - Blonder Tongue Audio Baton (1992)

Get this if you like: My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth,

In my opinion, the most consistent album of a great shoegaze band. I was never that big on shoegaze, but this was one of the albums that helped me get into it. The vocals are fairly accessible, while the guitar still has a lo-fi, distorted sound to it. Overall, this is some great, classic shoegaze, and if you're into MBV or Sonic Youth, you should really check this out, it's definitely worth your time.


Slough Feg - Ape Uprising (2009)

A few months ago I uploaded what I considered to be Slough Feg's best album: Traveller. I wasn't a fan of their two subsequent releases, but I'm happy to say that Ape Uprising is a fantastic return to form. A great mix of power/folk/heavy metal with a dash of doom, the album has enough killer riffs and vocal hooks to keep you headbanging even after the gorilla overlords ban personal electronic devices.

Hearts of Black Science - The Ghosts You Left Behind (2007)

This is a good shoegaze/electronic album. The atmosphere some of the songs create is reminiscent of shoegazey A Shoreline Dream and some of the songs are more electronic focused. It's worth listening to.

Similar Artists: A Shoreline Dream, Working For a Nuclear Free City

Download & Comment

Maybeshewill - Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony (2009)

get it if you like: mogwai, lights out asia, god is an astronaut.

it's been a long time since anyone posted any post-rock on the blog that must mean the fad is dying, too bad. anyways, maybeshewill's new album leaked like 2 months before its release and here it is, personally i think it's way better than their first album, which i really liked, they use distortion pedals and samples a lot more on this one. the whole album reminds me of lights out asia's song x-33 and god is an astronaut's suicide by star. if you're familiar with those songs you know you're in for a good time, if you're not click on them and listen on repeat while you download this great album.


Lucky Fonz III - A Family Like Yours (2009)

This is a pretty good folk/blues/whatever album that I picked up recently.

Lucky Fonz III, born in 1981, is a Dutch singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. He approaches his music with a folksy and romantic attitude.

I'm not one to write a wordy review or anything about my posts so just trust me on it. I recommend the track "My Daughter".

You can get it here.

For those who don't already take advantage of a download manager, I recommend downloading JDownloader. You can just drop all your download links into it, whether they be rapidshare, mediafire, megaupload, and all the other ones. No need to wait for the countdowns, it does it for you and automatically downloads them to where

Chicks On Speed - Cutting The Edge (2009)

Chicks On Speed - Cutting The Edge (2009)

All aboard the leak merry-go-round. How many days ahead of release is this one? Like, six? I don't know. I don't even know why I'm posting this. The Chicks On Speed are pretty cool. This is a double album. The lyrics are still all about wallpaper and dancing and the meaning of art and Kafkaesque Autocracy and all those other things the Chicks like to sing about. Also I forgot to include the album art in the upload; you will have to add it yourself. And some of the track names are cut short by a ridiculous glitch in ID3. I am very tired. Sorry.

Kind of Like: Le Tigre, Robots in Disguise, CSS


Iced Earth - Horror Show (2001)

Sweet power metal about creatures from popular horror films and books. Sweet riffs, vocal layering worth of Hansi Kürsch, and songs about werewolves.

P.S. Does anyone who reads this actually like power metal?

Director - I'll Wait for Sound (2009)

get it if you like: maximo park, secret machines, grandaddy.

again i know nothing about this band, from their last.fm bio i can tell you they're irish. from the video for their single play pretend they seem kind of geeky and like into retro shit (watch here) and uhmm, they are a nice band, i liked this album (it's their second) quite a bit and i'm not into this kind of bands so that should encourage you to get it i guess.


Wake Up On Fire - Wake Up On Fire (2005)

Sounds like black death moans from the bottom of the ocean. crackling sounds...driving over asphalt made of crushed human bone. drums and cello and guitars and green butter and vocals.

(from their myspace)

The tags on this might be fucked up.

Similar Artists: Nux Vomica, Wormwood, Dystopia, Noothgrush

Download & Comment

The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls with Sand (2007)

The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls with Sand (2007)

Desperate, churning drone metal by a (late) husband-and-wife team. It's melodic but noisy, and the textures often have shoegaze depth and gloss. Songs sometimes have post-rock structure and variation, complete with lots of crescendos. Think of stars being born. Listen loud through good headphones. This is their last and most mature album before Kris's bowing arm injury stopped the project and presumably led to his suicide.

Get it if you like: Jesu, Earth, Nadja, Skullflower

Eat Skull - Wild and Inside (2009)

Eat Skull - Wild and Inside (2009)

Get this if you like : Guided by Voices, Blank Dogs, Meth Teeth, Sic Alps

Some of the best lo-fi I've heard lately. The album isn't as one dimensional as most other lo-fi albums, the songs change up quite a bit. The more I listen to this, the more I like it. It's one of my favorite albums this year, if not my favorite. I would strongly reccomend checking this out if you're into the genre.

highlights include: "stick to the formula", "heaven's stranger", "oregon dreaming"


Jesper Dahlbäck - Cables & Things (2009)

Jesper Dahlbäck - Cables & Things (2009)

Okay, this is back from a few weeks ago when I fell head over heels in love with Turbo Recordings and decided I would upload all of their releases. Then stuff came up, and also some things, and yadda yadda yadda this is the only one I managed to get done. I might yet get around to uploading some more, because I still do love everything about them, from their no-nonsense cover designs to their Tape-Deck logo (Oh, and I guess the music isn't bad either). Take this before I forget about it again.


Dakota/Dakota - Shoot in the Dark (2003)

I'm watching a movie right now (lol multitasking) so I'm not going to provide my own description (yeah I know, what a cop-out right). It's got one of the dudes from Russian Circles in it, the bassist I believe; it's good stuff. Get it if you like Russian Circles (or if you're looking for new music).

Similar Artists: Piglet, Pele, Volta Do Mar, Russian Circles

& Comment

Septic Flesh - Sumerian Daemons (2003)

If you enjoy The Monolith Deathcult, then you're gonna love this. Melodic death metal with electronic/symphonic elements that just work. Don't let the cover art or the "death metal" tag scare you away from this gem. Septic Flesh is a fantastic band with a great sense of melody and atmospere, so if you're not completely averse to growled vocals, you should check this out.