Woods - Songs of Shame (2009)

This album ended up as one of my favourite discoveries from last year, Woods' off-kilter take on psych folk really set them apart from their lo-fi comrades. Tie-died soundscapes and pastoral tape collages sit comfortably besides more conventional fuzz-pop fare. If you dig Ganglians, Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees or even early Guided By Voices then this is most certainly your jam.


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  1. hey dude don't forget to tag your posts! good album, glad to have other people that listen to this kind of stuff on the blog

  2. Scelsi says:

    thanks for pointing that out, fixed :)

  3. JohnnyO says:

    Old news, but agreed, one of the best of last year. Good call.

  4. Mace Hane says:

    This downloads but at point of finishing some error happens and ...nothing.

  5. mediafire probably took it down

  6. Doug says:

    woodsist is a really, really good label, honestly check out anything on it (woods, oh sees, ganglians, meth teeth, sun araw, mayfair set, fresh & onlys, real estate, etc. these are all excellent bands.). but you are super, super late on this.

  7. Stephen says:

    yeah the .zip is broken for me. thanks regardless, i found another source and this is good.

  8. Scelsi says:

    quite right Doug, but when I saw it wasn't on here yet I figured, better late than never

  9. This blog isn't about posting the newest music out, there are tons of blogs out there for that. But yes, I will be posting some Sun Araw, Ganglians, Emeralds, Jamie Lynch, etc. here soon

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