EL-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx2 (2008)

Over 90- minutes of sad, sad music scraped off the inside of el-p's black heart.

This is a limited edition tour only cd that features 15 previously unheard instrumentals, b-sides, and new songs. For sale during the 'Ill Sleep When You're Dead' tour. If you like his albums or his work as a producer, don't skip this. It is a great collection from beginning to end, and much, much better than the first 'burninhell' megamix. This stands up next to both of his albums, although he only raps on about 5 of the 15 songs. Track 16 is a 20+ minute track featuring remixes of jay-z and the doors, among others.

See you in hell, bitch!

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