Asian Beets Culture - FC-W1 (????)

ok, so after a long period of hesitation, I finally decided to post this real treat of an album. i got little information about this at all(thus the no year), but I do know that this is what is known to some of you as "library music", which is not for sale or download(unless you are a production company). 99% of library music is amazing, so expect something unique and great. this has a track that adult swim used on one of their bumps btw, and it was the one that sounded, well, asian. this specific collection is of songs that combine trip-hop elements along with ambient tendencies, hip-hop elements and combines it with easter music by using actual asian instruments, no samples. this might not be up for so long, so download quickly. composed and produced by: Mauro Caccialanza; Pandit Dinesh; & Stephen Luscombe.

(yes it says sekretst4sh)

sorry for taking so long, but here is the re-up of track 12

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is Quite Good Stuff.

  2. Sergi says:

    Track 12 seems to be corrupted (won't decompress).

  3. bob says:

    Yup, problems with track 12. Can you repost? Thanks!

  4. Elijah says:

    Yeah dawg, if it is at all possible, could you repost either that track or the album? Many thanks, this album is great.

  5. dantelop says:

    Hold on, working on it.

  6. dantelop says:

    Ok, posting the link here:

    Also edited into the post.

  7. Please post the last 3 tracks form the CD. They are not in the download. Thanks!

    13 - Dream on Drums
    14 - Ethnicity
    15 - Asian Lament

  8. MANDEER!!! do you know how long...?

    thank you. thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can you please reupload? Maybe as a Mega link?
    Please and thanks.

  10. J. V. R. says:

    New link pretty pretty please?

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