Roísín Murphy - Overpowered (2007)

i'm going to post one pop album every day for the next week, hope most of you can enjoy quality music. this is roisin murphy's second album, overpowered. she was previously the singer in moloko, a band you all should know if you're over 18. this album is full of amazing synthlines, great hooks and melodies. recommended for anyone into la roux, little boots or lady gaga.

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  1. who the fuck is into any of those three talentless fucks? not everything with a catchy synth is good. maybe preface it with how your blog readers are some form of idiot or insignificant human being because they don't know the obscure noisecore faggot band from Chile you're lamenting over after taking a couple tabs of low grade acid. NEXT.

  2. i am into those three artists.

  3. jc says:

    that has to be the stupidest comment to be ever posted in the blog.

  4. Thanks for the pop records. I love this kind of music as much as I love hardcore punk music haha.

  5. Sergi says:

    Track 9 seems to be corrupted (won't decompress). A few albums have had corrupted tracks lately...

  6. Anonymous says:

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