Gotan Project - La Revancha del Tango (2001)

another post of stuff i'm re-discovering. gotan project is a fucking awesome band and i seem to have luck on my side or some shit because they're releasing a new album in april, again, like robyn, get this and get used to the awesomeness and let the hype begin.

more info from "Gotan Project is a musical group based in Paris, consisting of musicians Philippe Cohen Solal (French), Eduardo Makaroff (Argentine) and Christoph H. Müller (Swiss, former member of Touch el Arab). They formed in 1999. Their first release was Vuelvo Al Sur/El Capitalismo Foráneo in 2000, followed by the album La revancha del tango in 2001. Their music is clearly tango, but also uses electronic elements such as samples, beats and breaks."

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  1. yeah gotan project is sweet, it's like tango trip-hop, you should upload their other album

  2. mrk_d says:

    interesting stuff, not sure if I like it but at least it's different!

  3. Heard these guys on a YouTube video and I've been meaning to check them out. Sounds pretty good, very similar to Thievery Corp but that works for me.

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