Rihanna - Umbrella feat. Jay-Z (2007)

today is the last day of this decade, the first of the 21 st century. a couple of days ago i thought about making a best of 2000s list of some sort and spent most of the sober moments of the week thinking about it. there was a lot of music released this decade, a lot of genres were born (ie. chillwave) and a lot died (ie. nu-metal). some became irrelevant (ie. post-rock). american metal turned into a capitalist joke. rock was turned into a videogame. black metal became chic. hip-hop became appealing to every race. indie became a genre. alec empire turned into a nostalgic pussy. a lot of bands were formed and a lot broke up. a lot of good albums were released this decade. a lot of bad ones too. pitchfork. myspace. last.fm. net labels. napster. oink. waffles&what. i had a fucking LOT to think about.

and then it hit me. it was useless. at the end of the day the only thing that matters is when you're listening to a great song. fans, hype, image, sales, tours. meaningless. all that matters is that one great song released this decade. so what was the best song of this decade? umbrella by rihanna. released in 2007, every single second of this song is perfect. the synths, beats, rihanna's vocals, the hook, the verses, the lyrics, even jay-z. i could go on and on about how this song is the best of the decade but i won't since i have to go have dinner soon. just download and enjoy the best song of the decade and have a happy new year.

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  1. how is ur post higher than mine i just posted what is this i don't even

  2. He travelled into the future again.

  3. Hi,

    if I can allow myself, here's two french bands that I like,
    some kinda power pop & psychedelic stuff, that maybe be you'll enjoy !
    have a nice time and a good year

    morning favorites : the five red flags (2010)

    here :



    eveden : violent derby (2009)



    or there


  4. mrk_d says:


  5. No. says:

    Stop shitposting. No one is laughing.

  6. jc says:

    worries me that people think this is some kind of joke.

    i'm 100% dead serious. once your music taste evolved enough you'll get it.

  7. did you know the drums used in this song are a loop that already comes with GarageBand? lol song of the decade

  8. info says:
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  9. jc says:

    @niggeraguan go try to make a song as good as this one on your mac then

  10. pierre says:

    by seeing the tag, i realized i missed that post. i read it, and gave it a lot of thinking.

    this might very well be the song of the decade. perhaps equally with the live version of death and all his friends by coldplay (which, despite all the couples cleaning their mouths after kissing on fix you, and all the mediocre songs the band has done, is quite an/the amazing instrumental track)

    i'm sure we could find something great at the beginning of the decade, probably on discovery, or maybe the black eyed peas early albums, but i'm way too young to remember.

  11. Anonymous says:

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