Thomas Bangalter - Irréversible (2002)

     Irréversible was produced back in 2002 by Thomas Bangalter, most commonly known as one half of Daft Punk. This soundtrack ties very well to the films gritty realistic horror with moody, ambient droning synths. Some tracks seem a blend of the Daft Punk we've all grown to love, but mixed with a darker menacing personality. Provided is the French release with 16 tracks compared to the American with 13.


Hope you enjoy my first post.

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  1. listening now... reminds me a bit of kling klang... love the skeletal beats and the dark synths..thx.

  2. CRAITZ says:

    wow, you're totally right about Kling Klang!

  3. Randy Z says:

    Bonjour le gars , merci pour cool article.
    Quelqu'un at-il utilisé leurs samples?

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