Kidcrash - Snacks (2010)

For anyone familiar with Kidcrash's 2007 album Jokes, you know that this band is something special. Playing a unique variety of hardcore that is just mathy enough to keep you guessing, these gentlemen from Santa Fe are at it again with Snacks. They've upped the production quality and eased back on the throttle, placing more emphasis on the gorgeous low distortion riffs. While decidedly more accessible than Jokes, Snacks is an incredible album loaded with ludicrous amounts of melody, but not lacking in terms of intensity. Fans of emotive hardcore, post-hardcore and screamo should get this like the fucking Fist of the North Star.

Oh, and the band's entire discography can be downloaded at the following link, courtesy of the band. So you know they must be cool guys.

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  1. Digital says:

    hell yeah bro good post, Kidcrash are awesome

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