Cobalt - Eater of Birds (2007)

I seem to be on a black metal binge as of late, so here's another delicious slab of blistering riffage. Cobalt are an American duo who garnered a lot of positive press in 2009 thanks to their latest album Gin, but I'm here to sell (well...give) you their previous album, Eater of Birds. Before the band decided to sell the farm and move to NeurosiTool town, their blend of black metal ferocity and sludge metal groove (and production, too...can you hear that filthy, fuzzed out bass?) yielded one hell of an extreme metal masterpiece. Come on down and listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of birds falling out of the sky. The smoldering, hate-filled sky.


Also, holy shit mediafire upped the file size limit. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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