Surfer Blood - Astro Coast (2010)

Surfer Blood is one of those new-fangled psychedelic indie pop bands, with a touch of surf. The music is very upbeat and at times the vocals are reminiscent of James Mercer's voice. I really enjoyed the album, and I think you will too. Their first album hasn't even technically debuted yet, and they have over 120,000 plays on Take that however you want. In any case, I recommend this album.

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  1. Moondog says:

    good album and very nice guys. go out and see them live and buy this record if it's your thing.

  2. Zephyr says:

    Loving it so far. Great rec.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Radical album brah.

  4. These guys put on an unbelievably good live show for how young they are. I gotta echo Moondog's recommendation that you guys go check out one of their shows.

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