Liars-Sisterworld (2010)

This is the upcoming fifth album from Liars. Apparently they will be releasing a companion cd when this comes out in March, which includes a "duet" with Alan Vega of Suicide, and remixes by a slew of indie rock mega stars, as well as my favorite band, The Melvins.



this is my first post on WFLM, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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  1. is this an edit? i have the same size file, and only one song is longer than 3 minutes, and most seem to have weird fade outs, or spliced bridges...or was i just being paranoid? wouldn't be a first. thanks.

  2. ribs says:

    I've listened to it a few times & all the tracks are fine & full length. maybe you've got a bad version?

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