Danger - 9/14 2007 (2007)

Danger is pretty much exactly like Justice but darker and with a little bit of 8-bit thrown in. He's getting pretty popular now but he's still underground enough for you to be able to recommend him to your friends with a smug look on your face. This is his first EP along with some bonus tracks and remixes, one of them features Kanye and I know how much everyone who reads this blog loves Kanye.

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  1. No. says:

    durr hurr I'm going to be ironic and say people like kanye I am original and hip

  2. jc says:

    kanye forever!

    i like danger quite a bit, especially the art and that song with the chopped vocals that sounds like it's saying a million different things.

    i dislike justice tho.

  3. I was being sarcastic not ironic.

  4. not too many ppl like kanye. there are a lot of shple that do. or it prlly seems like a lot but it's just a few heads who own the broadcasters. keepn it real low freq/ slow and stupid/ "take pills die" death cult-ure. they'll all be gone "soon" since it freqs here are raising to planet awe-sum.

  5. nme says:

    Here's what I don't get... There's 8 songs in the archives, but the album originally contains only 4 tracks.


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