telefon tel aviv - fahrenheit fair enough (2001)

Telefon Tel Aviv lies somewhere between electronica and post-rock. At times their music can be wonderfully, gratuitously glitchy, but it's beautiful, not peppy. Recommended for fans of The Album Leaf.

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  1. Timofe says:

    Telefon Tel Aviv are phenomenal, thank you. Did you hear that Charles (one of the duo) died a week after their last album release? Sad stuff.

  2. Lane says:

    yeah, too bad about that. talk about a legacy though...

  3. jc says:


    how did he die? i always find it sad when good musicians die...

  4. Daniel says:

    I had only heard their more recent stuff. Thanks so much for posting this, never knew their instrumental songs were so sick.

  5. Stone says:

    Excellent album. The last one is better though.

  6. Jah says:
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