Peaches - I Feel Cream (2009)

Does anybody still care about Peaches at this stage? Another album, another triple entendré title. Anyway, here it is, almost a month before its release date. Download it if you want. She's taken a step back from the glam rock thing (despite whatt he hideous cover might lead you to believe), so it sounds more like Teaches of Peaches with much cleaner production. While you're listening, you can try to think of something that wouldn't sound dirty if it were the title of a Peaches album. It's harder than you think.

Who I can't even


"Wilting Flowers"? No. "Chocolate"? No. "Box Set"? No. "Pillowcase"? No. "Vinyl"? No. "Stir Fry"? No. "Carpet"? No. "Old People"? No. "Bookmark"? No. "Pictures for Sad Children"? No.

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