Nisennenmondai - Destination Tokyo (2008)

Woo; figured out why my uploads were constantly failing, and also I only have two papers left this quarter, so I'm sorry my tenure at WFLM didn't start with a bang. Let's see if I can't fix that.

Anyway, Nisennenmondai (Japanese for the Y2K Bug, literally "2000 Disease") is one of my favorite recent Japanese groups, and while they're pigeonholed as Japanoise, the music is really beyond classification. They take simple beats or loops, and then just build and build on them for eight or ten minutes at a time. They are incredibly distinctive, thanks in part to the twangy, rubber-band-guitar synthesizers they use.

Kind of Like: Afrirampo making instrumental covers of Plastics songs.


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  1. Josh says:

    thank you too much, i have been in to these guys since i saw them on the hella japenese tour movie, hell of a time tracking their work down in my corner of the world. thanks

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