Kyle Landstra - Recurring Dreams (2009)

This is the debut album from my friend Kyle Landstra. This was released on Wise Owl Records, here's what the site says:

hey i am kyle landstra. this project is influenced by everyday sounds, unusual ambiance, and soundscapes i wish to hear. i like to think of ambient and drone music as a catalyst for accessing your subconscious mind. so in that aspect, i hope my music helps you tap into the untouched and unknown parts of your brain. i wish my music to engulf you in it's thick waves and refresh your head just as much as i wish it to help you focus on work as background music.

my first release is entitled "recurring dreams" released on wise owl records. it was recorded in my friend's cluttered dorm room in february and march of 2009. an improv jam with my synth creating and looping lush mindscapes. i hope you enjoy.


Recurring Dreams

Kyle Landstra

OWL-040 (8 April 2009)

Beautiful organic-feeling ambiance. This is what dying in your sleep sounds like.


Repack on Mediafire available here.

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