Mackintosh Braun - The Sound (2008)

get it if you like: ladytron, tweaker, royksopp.

if you miss royksopp's more chill out sound from their first album, that weird feeling from old ladytron tracks or/and tweaker's amazing dark but hopeful approach to pop, you're going to love mackintosh braun. this oregon duo made some amazing, relaxing, beautiful music. they planned this album as "one of those albums you don't have to skip through" so the quality standard was high. also it's not all electronic, i can hear an acoustic guitar almost all the time. yada yada yada, get it, it's fucking good.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This record lives up to Braun's "one of those albums you don't have to skip through" description...there aren't any bad tracks. Unfortunately, there aren't any good ones either =/

    I'm saving this one for background music...

    Interesting find, though!!

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