Black Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us (2009)

UPDATE: BMSR just (officially) released a new single, containing two non-album tracks. So screw them. Here it is.

It's pretty different for Black Moth Super Rainbow. While their three prior albums were just onslaughts of two-minute acid trips, Eating Us has actual songs, that build and break down and do everything real songs do. Also, that flute synth from Dandelion Gum is gone, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. It's very good. Not as many hooks, but much...thicker. If that makes sense. The sound has come along way from the stripped down Falling, but is it better than the beast that was DG? Hard to say, but it's certainly a big step forward for BMSR (Really, just Tobacco) in terms of songwriting ability.

Comment once you've listened. I really want to know what everyone thinks. Right now about 1.4% of our audience is showing their appreciation by talking to us.

Whoops, Mediafire took down my copy and hit me with a warning. If you don't have it by now, just google it or something. The single above is still working.

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  1. Yep definitely best new member. I shall start posting shit again soon, by the way, if anyone cares.

  2. Unknown says:

    could it be?! i've been a fan for about a year now and what you say piques my interest.

    hopefully it's the real mccoy.

  3. Tropolist says:

    I'm almost positive. Despite a 4chan thread demonstrating how easy it is to mimic The BMSR Sound™, this just sounds to finished to be fake.

  4. This is legit. I'm from Pittsburgh. They're playing a free show at Carnegie Mellon here on the 25th to promote the new album.

  5. Moshi says:

    Certainly a lot better than anything from BMSR I've heard before.

  6. I like it still, but i feel their older albums were a lot more interesting and had a better feeling to it then this

  7. DeeKay says:


  8. Tropolist says:

    Thank you DeeKay. Someone is angling for WFLM reader of the month.

  9. DARN1T says:

    Thanks for the single too! You guys kill! Love BMSR & eating us!

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