propergol y colargol - Ode to Roger (2007)

Fantastic collaboration album from a great electronic act, propergol y colargol. Because there are so many different artists on this album, it's hard to tack a definite style onto the music; but for the most part the music is pretty ambient, and somewhat noisy. Well, here, I think the description is better than what I can say.

"Far from music for massages and other cerebral laxatives, their music attempts at giving life some virtual electronic matter in using drones and cyclic repetitive themes."

Featured artists on this album include:
  • destroyalldreamers
  • giardini di miro and populous
  • eluvium
  • erstlaub
  • soundclub
  • tomcats in tokyo
  • ylid
  • below the sea
  • tunng
  • moregeometrico
  • lapintade
  • dot tape dot
  • bertuf
  • accrual
  • stylus
  • helios
Recommended album. It's got a cat on the cover too, that means it's GOT to be good.

Also, please comment if you download this because it is not on mediafire and I really like to know how many people download what type of music.

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  1. Unknown says:

    sounds awesome so far. cheers

  2. edit says:

    hey, i downloaded this and i hate megaupload. this album's cool though.

  3. magdalena says:

    dled. many thanks for sharing all that you do.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i like below the sea and destroyalldreamers, so i'll download!

  5. Gunman says:
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